Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Children's Museum

I got a Groupon for tickets to the Children's Museum that I needed to use. I was excited to go since I've never been there before. Shawn took the girls YEARS ago but I was in school and wasn't able to go. I was excited to do something as a family and get out of the house. We don't do much these days with all of us. I guess I was so excited to go that I FORGOT MY CAMERA!! Shawn proudly showed me his iPhone and we could use it for pictures. SO NOT good for indoor pics. I missed so many good shots and being a photographer that just KILLED me. Another thing that killed me is all the blurriness. Ugh. Anyway, on to the bad pics:
The balls were a hit!
 Next, there was a little town for the kids to pretend and work. It was really cute!
Sadie was the perfect age for this place. It was so cute to see her dressing up and playing with EVERYTHING!
  Brinley and Cambree LOVED the farm and the grocery store. They worked hard at keeping the grocery store stocked!
Playing mailman was also fun. :)
Brinley making a story strip.
We're on the news!!!
 Outside pictures were MUCH better. They loved the helicopter!
So Easton really was there, even though I don't have any pics of him. He so good. We will have to venture out more often!


Tooele Brezoff said...

They are so grown up! Darling photos!!

Pretend Fancy said...

you know i love the childrens museum (used to work there after all), wish we lived close to a good childrens museum, maddy would love it.