Wednesday, April 11, 2012

All Around in March

I finally pulled off pictures from Shawn's iPhone. There are a few treasures on there!
First up, we went to a game night for couples in the ward. They played some Minute to Win It games and Shawn was lucky enough to dive into whipping cream in search of 3 items...what those items were I can't remember. There was also another challenge that was a little awkward. I'm glad I don't have any pics of that one! We had a great time and Easton came along. He loved the attention and just being around so many people.
Father and son! I'm sure one of the girls took this one. They LOVE control of the camera.
This is how obsessed the kids can get with the iTouch. I think it's funny that Easton looks so interested.
This girl has A LOT of hair!!
Brinley had her first piano recital with her new teacher. It was at a music store, which I've never known to have them there before. But they have a special room for performances. She was first up and did awesome! No mistakes! She definitely is our musical one!

My cuties!
We celebrated Shawn's birthday a week early. My mom watched ALL the kids for the night, which was SO nice since Easton STILL doesn't sleep through the night. I REALLY needed a good night's rest especially since he's been waking up twice a night and waking up early. We checked out the new City Creek (VERY nice!), went out to dinner, and saw Hunger Games!! Which was awesome too! The next day was General Conference, so we headed to Tooele to stay the weekend at my parents' house. It's a tradition to be there with everyone for Conference. It was a GREAT weekend!

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