Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter Time

Easter is such a fun time. We had a lot of fun this year. It started off a week before when we went to my parent's house for General Conference. It's a tradition to go to their house for Conference and we love to watch the apostles and prophet and talk and have good food in between sessions. One of the things that's become a tradition during the April Conference is that my mom does an Easter Egg hunt for the grandkids. This year, Sadie knew the eggs were filled with treats so she had fun finding them.
Grandma going through the eggs with Cambree.

We also always do the city Egg Hunt. This year was a little crazy since we had 2 soccer games right during it. They delayed Cambree's game so she could do it but Brinley wasn't able to be there. It just gets more and more crowded though. I don't know if we'll do it next year. Sadie got 2 eggs cuz all the parents run in and help their little ones. Oh well. She still had fun.

We didn't know if we'd be dying Easter Eggs with family this year so we did it for a Family Home Evening activity. I think it's the first time we've ever done it with just our family. That's kinda sad.
But then we got together kind of last-minute to have a Hancock dinner and egg dying party the Saturday before Easter Sunday. The kids had fun dying them with their cousins. We made plenty of eggs this year!
Sadie got to do it this time and cracked a few. :)
Shawn got involved too! He was just doing them super-fast to get them dyed at the end since the kids were getting sick of it. We boiled too many, I guess!
Easter Sunday was very low-key. We went to church early so we did Easter baskets after church. This year, I bought adorable skirts from my friend, Maggie. She is a super-talented seamstress. I loved them! I even bought a bow-tie for Easton. :)
Here's the annual Easter family picture in our backyard where the stairs desperately need to be stained. We're just going for a more rugged look. :) Along with their hair too. Yup. The rugged look here too. It just doesn't seem to last past Sacrament meeting.
It was pretty impossible to get Easton to look at the camera without anyone at the camera. So this was as good as it gets!
My handsome boy with a slobbery bow-tie!
FINALLY, they were able too look for their Easter baskets! Brinley was shocked hers was hidden in the oven.
Sadie is OBSESSED with Barbie movies. So the Easter bunny brought her the right thing!
Well, that's about it! We also had a wonderful lesson about Jesus' Atonement and Resurrection earlier that week. We watched a few videos about it on It was very touching and brought that wonderful Spirit into our home. We must never forget what our Savior has done for us and what Easter is all about. My favorite holidays are the ones that all began with Jesus; his birth and his death.  We need to never forget the reason why we celebrate those holidays.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Newest Niece!

Yup! They just keep coming this year! In a year and a half, all 5 of us siblings will have had a baby. Its just CRAZY! So my newest niece is Avery Belle. She is a beauty! She was actually born on March 7th, so I'm behind on surprise there. It's my sister, Tiffany's, first baby and she let me come watch (& take pictures) of the birth. Check out my photo blog for the whole birth story. :) Anyway, it was REALLY amazing! Especially since I've never even felt a labor pain. Tiff was awesome and did it all natural. I must admit, I thought she wouldn't be able to do it, but she DID!! She was even in labor for almost 24 hours and she did it. She was awesome! I was so proud. Anyway, here's cute, little Avery the next day when we came for a visit.

Shawn and Brinley were able to come but they didn't want any kids under 8 to visit the hospital since it's still RSV season.
Cambree was SO SAD she couldn't come to the hospital to see her new cousin. She is my one that LOVES babies the most. So she saw her a week later when Tiff came over to get Avery's newborn pics done.
It looks like we just plopped her in Cambree's arms and took the picture. Which is probably what we did! She doesn't look too comfy-cozy.
Ok! You're twisting my arm! Here's a sneek peek at one of Avery's newborn pics. I haven't quite gotten around to posting it on my photo blog yet.
And then about a week after that, Sadie actually wanted to hold her. So here's Sadie's shot at it. Right after we too the picture, Sadie kind of let go of her hold and Avery slowly rolled off her lap. Good thing Tiff was right there and that Sadie was sitting on the ground. :) Two year olds just don't quite know when to be careful.
Then, Tiff took a pic of Avery and Easton next to each other (thanks, Tiff, I stole this off your blog!). Easton is HUGE!! But they will be great friends and cousins I'm sure!
We are so happy to have another cousin in the family! You are such a good mom, Tiff and Avery is beautiful!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

All Around in March

I finally pulled off pictures from Shawn's iPhone. There are a few treasures on there!
First up, we went to a game night for couples in the ward. They played some Minute to Win It games and Shawn was lucky enough to dive into whipping cream in search of 3 items...what those items were I can't remember. There was also another challenge that was a little awkward. I'm glad I don't have any pics of that one! We had a great time and Easton came along. He loved the attention and just being around so many people.
Father and son! I'm sure one of the girls took this one. They LOVE control of the camera.
This is how obsessed the kids can get with the iTouch. I think it's funny that Easton looks so interested.
This girl has A LOT of hair!!
Brinley had her first piano recital with her new teacher. It was at a music store, which I've never known to have them there before. But they have a special room for performances. She was first up and did awesome! No mistakes! She definitely is our musical one!

My cuties!
We celebrated Shawn's birthday a week early. My mom watched ALL the kids for the night, which was SO nice since Easton STILL doesn't sleep through the night. I REALLY needed a good night's rest especially since he's been waking up twice a night and waking up early. We checked out the new City Creek (VERY nice!), went out to dinner, and saw Hunger Games!! Which was awesome too! The next day was General Conference, so we headed to Tooele to stay the weekend at my parents' house. It's a tradition to be there with everyone for Conference. It was a GREAT weekend!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Children's Museum

I got a Groupon for tickets to the Children's Museum that I needed to use. I was excited to go since I've never been there before. Shawn took the girls YEARS ago but I was in school and wasn't able to go. I was excited to do something as a family and get out of the house. We don't do much these days with all of us. I guess I was so excited to go that I FORGOT MY CAMERA!! Shawn proudly showed me his iPhone and we could use it for pictures. SO NOT good for indoor pics. I missed so many good shots and being a photographer that just KILLED me. Another thing that killed me is all the blurriness. Ugh. Anyway, on to the bad pics:
The balls were a hit!
 Next, there was a little town for the kids to pretend and work. It was really cute!
Sadie was the perfect age for this place. It was so cute to see her dressing up and playing with EVERYTHING!
  Brinley and Cambree LOVED the farm and the grocery store. They worked hard at keeping the grocery store stocked!
Playing mailman was also fun. :)
Brinley making a story strip.
We're on the news!!!
 Outside pictures were MUCH better. They loved the helicopter!
So Easton really was there, even though I don't have any pics of him. He so good. We will have to venture out more often!