Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Valentine's Day seems to be a beloved holiday around here. The girls are always so excited to write out all their Valentines cards for their class-weeks before. We've continued the tradition of hanging envelopes on our doors and filling them with nice notes/compliments to each other. I love this! They also had their pink and red clothes picked out a week ahead. Yes, they are girls! I did that too. :)
This isn't necessarily on Valentine's Day, but I couldn't leave him out!
My mom came to give the girls Valentines. So the girls made a big Valentine for her and taped chocolate to it. They are always so thoughtful and LOVE to make cards and notes for any occasion.
Grandma brought Sadie a chocolate bear! She was happy!
The girls made their Valentine's bags. Cambree's is so cute from Kindergarten. Brinley made the same one when she was in Mrs. Reiber's class. It's a keeper!
This was the first year for Brinley that we had to come up with a box/bag ourselves. I'm not very crafty and left it all up to Brinley to make. She wanted to make a mailbox. I don't think it turned out as good as she was hoping. She said the other kids' parents helped them, but she did hers all by herself and was proud of that.
Shawn and I got to go out to Olive Garden for V-day. It was yummy! Then, we probably did some kind of shopping or something to take advantage of having a sitter.


Denise said...

I swear half of our dates end at the grocery store or Best Buy, lol. Gotta love shopping on dates.

jamie @ [kreyv] said...

I love your tradition of the envelopes on doors with special notes to each other. So cute!