Sunday, March 4, 2012

Random. Random January

Nothing too big happened in January. But I wanted to blog these random pictures. I should've done some kind of collage since there are so many pics. Maybe I need to learn how to do that besides in Photoshop since that takes too long. :)
First up, Cambree tying Sadie to a chair. Her Kindergarten teacher told her a story that day about how she tied up her brother. Cambree had to try it out! Sadie was NOT happy and I had to go see what she was crying about. This is fairly typical at our house. Cambree is always trying these shenanigans on poor Sadie. She mostly goes along with it but not all the time.
 Cute Easton being bombarded by stuffed animals. The girls wanted to hide him. :)
Easton loves his little play gym that he got for Christmas. He loves hitting that ball too...I think Shawn secretly hopes that means something in his future. (Easton is looking like a deer-in-headlights. He has that look a lot. Maybe we are to much for him!)
Cute kids!
Brinley was the star student sometime during January. Her poster was cute and easy! We just had to fill it out! Love that!
Well, we did get a babysitter for the 2 little ones and took Brinley and Cambree to a Utah Gymnastics meet...versus BYU of course! Shawn gets free tickets so we had to go to at least one match. The girls loved it but Shawn didn't want them cheering for BYU since we were sitting next to crabby Utah fans. It was hard for Cambree to resist! Of course, Utah won. They are VERY good at Gymnastics. It was fun though and I had to tease Shawn and get a picture of his daughter as a Ute Gymnast!
Perfect 10 poster
Sadie LOVES the Touch. She looks pretty comfy in the laundry basket too.
Brinley made a snowflake in school out of Borax.
I told Cambree to go entertain Easton while I was getting breakfast for Sadie. She got him out of his crib and I found her "reading" to him and he was as content as can be! So cute!
Just watchin' some her "zone" and very unkept. Just keepin' it real here!
Playing with my reflector and static and she's cute. :)
  We'll end the randomness with Easton cuz he is so dang cute!
Yes I'm in a pink Bumbo and I'm owning it!


esperanza said...

Sadie has so much hair! And your cute little boy is so cute! Looking forward to seeing you! :)

Pretend Fancy said...

I loved all of the pictures! I cracked up with Sadie tied to the chair, so funny (and sooo cambree ha!) I seriously cannot believe how much hair Easton has. I am in LOVE with that little jerry roll curl you can do on the top, he is so handsome!