Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Trip to the Zoo

I forgot to blog about this! The last Wednesday in December the Zoo was free. It was a REALLY warm day considering it was December so we went! Shawn was home from work for some reason, so I was able to just take the girls. Shawn's sister and her family were in town from Cali for Christmas so we invited them to come along. Casey is Cambree's age and they have lots of fun together. My nephew, Jeff, also came. All the other cousins are too told for this sort of thing. :)
The kids
Waiting for Moe outside the stinky reptile house!
Sadie was good, like always, in her stroller.
A zoo keeper came out with a hawk and told us all about it.
The animals were surprisingly active! The elephant had a baby and they were walking all over the place pushing rocks and logs. The giraffes were milling around too and the monkeys were swinging all over the place putting on a show. It was really a great day!

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Sant Family said...

My kids still love the zoo. And Hogle Zoo is one of their favorites! I love that the cousins hang out together!