Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hancock Christmas Party

I love how we do Christmas around here with both our families. My side does stuff on and around Christmas, the Hancocks do Christmas around New Year's. It's really great! And the spirit of Christmas stays around longer. :)
Everyone from Shawn's family was here! It was great having everyone around. The adults went to 2 movies at the theater-the 2nd Sherlock Holmes movie and the 3rd? Mission Impossible movie. We haven't been to the movies in a really long time so it was fun to go to 2! Both were really good but I think I liked Mission Impossible more. It was more like the first one which was great! After Sherlock Holmes we all came to our house to play games and have ice cream...more like hot chocolate.
We all got together for the Christmas party on Friday at my in-law's house. The cousins exchanged gifts and so did the adults. I got a frame from my SIL with the letters HANCOCK made out of pictures. It was great!
Sadie really liked Cambree's monkey. Too cute!
No picture of Easton. He was sleeping. But he got some cool sports balls that fit into each other like a puzzle. 
All the grandkids-minus Easton...still asleep. This just might be it for the Grandkids! We are the last ones having them.
We also had a blue elephant. We gave some pretty good ones-a flying chicken that cocka-doodle-dooed and a pen that looked like a finger and when you pulled it it farted. Very classy. :) We REALLY wanted a sweet Napolean Dynamite clock but it got stolen. My BIL got a video that was titled, "Taking Control of your Hair Loss". He has no hair so that was too perfect!

New Year's Eve we all partied at our house. We had TONS of food, played fun games (He said, She said, and a fun guessing game that Breanne showed us), and then pulled out the silly string when it was time to ring in the new year!  Bryce got it the worst!

Love the holidays. Now I have to live in the present or at least in the new year 2012! I'm slowly getting caught up. :)

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