Sunday, January 8, 2012

You know you have too many kids when... totally loose one in the mall. We took the whole family to Build-a-Bear (there was a recall on the bear Brinley had so she got a new one!) yesterday. Whenever we go places, I feel like there are too many kids on only one of me. This trip Shawn was with me so that makes it feel more manageable. Anyway, Shawn went out of the store cuz it was too crowded with our big stroller and just sat outside. As we were checking out, Sadie saw Shawn and ran out to him. She kept doing that, in and out, until she went out and then into Tai Pan, about 2 stores down. Shawn quickly wheeled the stoller into Build-a-Bear so he could go after Sadie. He looked all over Tai Pan and told me he couldn't find her. So I started looking in Build-a-Bear in case she came back in and I didn't see her. Nope. I go looking into Tai Pan...Shawn decides to go farther down the mall. We are probably looking for 5 or 10 minutes (which seems like eternity and I was started to really freak out) until Shawn found her at the information desk. A lady found her and brought her there. I was glad she did because looking for a 2 year old in several stores in the mall would've taken FOREVER!! She could've been ANYWHERE! We were SO relieved. And she got a sucker from the lady because she ran away. Way to enforce that naughty behavior. :) I really feel overwhelmed when I go places and try not to go out much...which drives me crazy. I can't wait until my kids are old enough to not run away. Does anyone have any tips for me???

Along those lines, Shawn lost his iPhone also yesterday. Last time I saw it, Sadie had it and I had told her to put it back. We looked all over the house until about midnight. I found it in our little mini fridge and it still works. She loves to play in that thing and I'm glad I thought of it. I really HATE looking for things...especially when it's your child!


tracie said...

Glad you found her. It will get easier, don't worry.

Angie said...

I'm glad you found her, too. I lost Evelynn at the park in St George while we were waiting for Rob to finish his marathon last year. It scared me so much. I looked for such a long time...I was almost afraid that she had taken off on a side street. There were thousands of people, too. She was taken to the police van by a sweet lady. It scared her, too. I just told her how much I missed her and how much I love her and that missing her scared me and her brothers so much. I asked her to always stay with me after that. And she has. She was just over 2 Sadie's age.

Denise said...

Oh gosh, I lost my kids a couple of times in big stores (Walmart and Home Depot). It's such a frantic feeling! They can dodge pretty quick, and one of my kids would always climb into the middle of a round rack of clothes to hide. Little stinker!

My only advice (besides a leash, which I seriously considered, not even kidding) is to pair off the kids, and make them hold hands. So you take the baby, and Brinley holds Sadie's hand, and Cambree has to walk right next to you. That way you have an extra pair of eyes and hands on the kid most likely to run off.

Glad you found her! I hate that panicky feeling.

jamie @ [kreyv] said...

That is SO scary! I'm not opposed to leashes (those backpacks that you can hold onto). At this age, they can bolt so quickly, and in places like malls and airports it's too scary! So glad you found her safe and sound!

Henriksen TRIBE said...

So gald you found her! Ben was the same way, we finally got one of those back packs with a little leash on it. That seemed to help!
Good Luck