Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Easton Smiles!

Yup! Our boy is now smiling at people and interacting a little more. It's so fun! He's 3 months old now (but he started smiling and laughing at 2 months). He likes to try and sit up already. I think he's pretty strong and has massive hands. I'm sure he's nearing the 16 pound mark. We will find out at the end of the month! He is also getting a little better fussiness-wise. He still seems to have tummy trouble but not as much. He probably is inconsolable only 1 night a week now. He still isn't on a sleep/nap schedule which is driving me crazy too. I've tried doing Baby Wise (a book) but couldn't figure out how to make it work for him. I made it cry-it-out twice to put himself to sleep and to stay with the schedule and it never worked. But as soon as I pick him up to put him to bed, he falls asleep pretty easily. So I guess I could've tried harder. But it would just be nice if he could figure it out on his own. Being that he's my 4th kid, I thought I would have him figured out...not so much.

Cambree told me that I don't take enough pictures of her and Easton. She is my biggest helper so I should!
This is my favorite shirt he has! It says, "Hungry I am" with a picture of Yoda. So true!
And cutie-pie getting burped by his daddy. I just LOVE his big eyes (too bad they have red-eye. I REALLY need to not be so lazy and get my good camera).
Anyway, this is all still a learning experience! I don't think you can ever figure kids out. They are all so different. I'm glad and I'm also glad we have Easton. He brings everyone closer as a family. Gotta love that!


Pretend Fancy said...

You are so right, every baby really is different. Your girls were just crazy good for you in the sleep department, I was always SO jealous (and amazed!) of how well they slept for you! As you know, Maddy was definitely fussy and didn't sleep. It is really hard on moms to have a fusser, but I can tell you he will grow out of it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! I don't know if this will console you, but most people told me that she would get better around six months, and sure enough she gradually started getting easier after that point. I'm sure that seems really far away when you're running on low sleep, but keep up the good work and don't beat yourself up. Some babies just aren't good at self-soothing. Grant still wakes himself up most nights and he's a year old (that seriously makes me bitter though ha!) I hope you get some rest soon and that he figures out his schedule. I'm rooting for you. Sorry for the super long comment. I'm a nerd. love you!

esperanza said...

He is so cute! Look at all of that hair! We need to get together so I can meet him.

Tiffany said...

There's an awesome red-eye fix on photoshop. I use it on almost all my photos these days because down in this basement we have to use flash. It's seriously genius.