Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Week

It seems there was a lot of anticipation before Christmas. The girls didn't have school much of that week and were going CRAZY just waiting for Christmas! So, we went to my parent's house early in the week to distract them a little and my sister and her husband were flying in from Ohio and we wanted to see them as much as possible. My girls LOVE their Aunt Mandy!
Shawn worked and was able to catch a bus from Tooele. We stayed and played! Tooele had enough snow to go sledding! This was Sadie's first time sledding and she loved it! I was glad my dad came along so I wasn't going up and down ALL the time helping them with the sleds. I even got to go down a few times. That's been awhile! :)
I love how Sadie is looking up at Cambree all weird.
 After a little while, Sadie just wanted to take her gloves off and eat the snow. So I distracted her by going to the playground. She loved that and when it was time to leave, she threw a fit!

The girls came over after a bit.
My Grandma was there for the festivities. She is sure brave to come over when there are so many kids and commotion!

Presents from cousins. Thanks Colden and Dylan!
Christmas Eve, everyone was finally all here. J.J. and Kristy's family had been sick all week so they were hoping they could make it and they did! We just relaxed and played games (I think) and got dinner ready...come of us slept...I'm sure Tiff won't want a copy of this picture! Ha ha!
Cute little guy...he got one of those Tabbie Blanket thingies from Justus. I think he'll love sucking on those tabs. :)
Here we all are for the annual candlelight Christmas dinner. We barely fit...and the kids are at another table in the kitchen. Brinley always insists making some kind of craft when we are at my mom's house. She heard about a tradition in England they do and wanted to do it. They are called crackers and you open them and they are filled with candy and toys. So we all opened ours after dinner.
Then, it was time for the annual talent show. Brinley played "Up on the Housetop" while Cambree sang. They did a GREAT job!
The guys sang "O Holy Night" while Mandy played. First time they even sang together.
Mom put our family and J.J.'s family in charge of the talent show so in between numbers, we did little skits involving the audience. Mostly just cheesy Cub Scout skits. It went rather well. :)
Then, it was the annual Nativity reenactment. Cambree was Mary, Brinley was a sheep, Sadie was supposed to be an angel but hated her costume, and Easton was supposed to be Jesus (which I had been excited for) but wasn't in the mood.
After the program, we opened our presents from my parents since we were heading home that night to have Christmas at our house. It's just too crowded at their house.
Sadie got a baby. I love that she hugged it right away. :)
Whoa, this is getting to be a long post!
Christmas morning on a Sunday! Luckily, we have church at 1:00. Everyone was awake! We only had to wake up Sadie. They were SO anxiously waiting. I didn't even make them eat breakfast first this year. I made a breakfast casserole the night before so it was in the oven. I really like that tradition and I think we'll do it every year instead of making German pancakes.
The cute, new jammies are from Grandma Hancock!

Let's see what Santa brought!

Easton got a little play gym, but didn't care to play in it until just a few weeks ago.
And we had to get the annual Christmas Sunday picture. The place was a mess with Christmas exploded everywhere and we had to get to church. I did my best to get out the clutter. :)
Another reason we came back home for Christmas is because Shawn just HAD to sing in the church choir. I'm sure they just would've sounded awful without him. ;) He also failed to mention that he would be sitting in the stands almost the whole time! I had to take Easton out cuz he was cranky and let Sadie roam the halls. NOT one of the best Sundays for me.
I really have that many kids??? It blows my mind!
I have ornaments on my tree of Baby's First Christmas. I had a vision of putting him in this HUGE stocking I bought. I tried to put him in and he was too big!! I couldn't believe it! There goes my vision! Oh well. He looks cute under the tree too. Hope you had a great Christmas...even though I'm a month late!


Tiffany said...

Yeah, great picture... haha Looks like you guys had a good Christmas! That last picture of Easton is adorable.

Darci said...

That is the cutest picture of Grandma Davis! It makes me miss her! We didn't get to see her at Christmas time because your family stole her away in Tooele:)