Saturday, December 24, 2011


Lots of random in here. These are all from November and December...getting caught up!

First up, Brinley entered the Reflections contest at school. She's wanted to do it every year and I finally let her do it this year. We started on it early before the baby came so it wasn't too crazy. She wanted to enter the Photography category (like mother like daughter!) and I showed her how to use my good camera. We went to the temple and took pictures of flowers. She LOVED it. Then, we picked out the ones she wanted to use. She wanted it to be a college which we made on Macey's website. Ta-da! She didn't win but it was a fun experience. They did have a drawing that night and she won tie-dye. Lovely mess, but fun! I even got a shirt out of it. We are all going to wear our shirts on Christmas morning, as per Brinley. :)

Ever since Brinley and Cambree have been sharing a room, their relationship as gotten so much sweeter. They play together so much better. Who would've thought? I found this precious note from Brinley and just had to save it!

My mom was turning 60 this year!! I can't believe it. She SO doesn't look 60! Anyway, I wanted to do something fun for her...I got the family on-board and it worked out to just do dinner and games at my house. So my brother and his family, my sister and her husband, my dad and my Grandma all came over. Some of it was a surprise, but my dad isn't very good at keeping it all a surprise...and neither is my sister that kinda spilled the beans a few hours before mom came over. :) Dad bought Asain take-out, we got mom a Snickers cake (Snickers are her favorite!) and all the kids went in on a wireless printer for her. She loved it!
Brinley took all the pictures...I was a little busy throwing a party and doing some video.

Last but not least, Cambree used Sadie as her guinea pig. She got creative using lip stick instead of eyeshadow. Sadie LOVED it and wouldn't let me take it off. The lip stick left her face a little pink for a few days...TWICE!


carrie said...

That letter is the cutest thing EVER! They will be so happy you saved it!

Angie said...

I love that letter Brinley wrote. So sweet! I'm glad Mom had a great b-day party...sorry I spilled the beans. I had heard about it before but no one told me it was supposed to be a surprise! Oh, well! At least you all got together and had fun.
Here's a fun idea for a surprise...maybe next time I'll have to come to UT and she won't know about it. That would be a surprise!!