Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I hope the holidays haven't been too crazy to enjoy this time of year. I surprisingly have! Not too much going on...except 4 KIDS! We've had a great Christmas. There's just something special about having a baby boy at this time of year.
I LOVE giving and getting Christmas cards. This Christmas card was in my head even before Easton was born. Shawn altered it a little putting the kids' faces on the side. He said you couldn't see their faces as well in the big picture. So he kinda ruined my vision. But it's all good! Some of you I've sent this to and some of you might want one. So if you want one next year, email me your's my email: missynshawn [at] hotmail [dot] com.

2011 Christmas Update
The Hancocks have had an eventful year. It started out with quite the surprise! They were expecting a baby! This was so NOT in the plans. But when they found out that it would be a boy, they just knew it was the right time for him to come. So, they had to make sure they got some vacations in before the baby came. They went to Bear River Lodge and did some 4-wheeling with friends. Then down to Zion’s, staying in a big cabin with Missy’s family. Followed by a quick trip to Prescott, AZ to visit Missy’s sister & fam.
SHAWN is still working at the University of Utah, but he did have a position change. He is now the Financial Aid Manager over Athletics – which is fitting, considering his interests. However, it is also ironic, being that he is still a staunch BYU fan. In his free time he still likes playing softball and flag football. This year his church flag football team went undefeated. So now his church team has a softball and flag football region title. He also got a chance to hike the Narrows in Zion’s National Park with some of Missy’s family. This was by far the best hike he has ever been on.
MISSY got to check off an item on her bucket list. Shawn surprised her with tickets to the U2 concert. It was AMAZING! She is now in the Primary and is Cambree’s teacher, which is a blessing (and a curse)! Her photography business is still going strong, but has definitely slowed down with 4 kids. Having 4 kids has thrown her for a loop!
BRINLEY is now 8 and was baptized this year! She still loves soccer and has become a pretty good defender. Brinley is also continuing to take piano and is getting so good. She’s in 3rd grade and is excited to get her “license” to write cursive.
CAMBREE recently turned 6. She has been enjoying Kindergarten where her teacher says she’s good except that she likes to talk a lot. Big surprise ;) She is our little dancer! She likes to show her stuff to anyone who will watch.
SADIE is a terrific 2 year old! She hasn’t gotten jealous at all with her new brother. She loves to hold him and kiss him and know where he is at all times. Sadie’s exciting news this year was a broken arm. It broke above the elbow and it was VERY hard keeping just a sling on a 2 year old. She sort of kept it on for 2 weeks but then it was a lost cause. She also got tubes in her ears and RSV again. She’s been an expensive child! She loves climbing on things and following her big sisters around. She is a slow talker, so hopefully this next year she’ll be saying more…especially words we understand.
EASTON is about 2 months old (depending on when you get this). He can almost hold his head up and will smile at us. Big milestones! ;) He is the family favorite right now!

We love and miss all of you. We wish we could see everyone more…at least there’s Facebook! May you have a beautiful Christmas Season as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. Have a wonderful year!


jamie @ [kreyv] said...

That is SUCH a precious Christmas card. Love it! Merry Christmas!

Darci said...

Thank you for the Christmas card. I loved it!

esperanza said...

I love getting your Christmas cards! :) Merry Christmas to your family.