Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Festivities

Oh boy. These are just some of the things we did BEFORE Christmas. There will be more (someday) about what went on during Christmas break. I'm not complaining though. I LOVE the holidays where I get to be with family, staying up late, and going out. It's been a fun time. It's especially nice when Shawn has so much time off.
ANYWAY, December started out with the Ward Christmas Party. We focused on doing service this year and made newborn kits for those babies that are born to mothers that can't afford the necessities for their infants. It was great getting the kids involved and then presenting all the kits at the manger for baby Jesus. My niece also sang while we ate a yummy dinner. She has a lovely voice.
I was a little disappointed that Santa didn't come to the party this year. The kids were looking forward to it. See? Cambree is a little sad/mad.
Easton spent some of the time like this. What a sweetheart.

So, we had to find some other Santa to take the kids to. Turns out, Kohlers is a GREAT place to see Santa!! They give them a little treat bag with a list of chores and things they should be doing for Santa to come. Gotta love that! They also got donuts and chocolate milk or soda. I think we will be doing that every year!

Brinley actually found out the big secret this year. She wasn't surprised. She's never been one to have much of an imagination. She asked Santa for Barbie hair extensions. She doesn't play with toys much either. She's growing up!
Cambree wanted an Easy Bake Oven. I was surprised by that but she does love to help me cook.
Sadie was so cute and went right up to sit on Santa's lap. She wasn't even scared. I think that's a first for my girls at this age not to be scared. She says, "Ho, Ho, Ho" and "Santa". It's so cute!
One other thing we did was go to the Princess Festival at the Provo Towne Center. My girls look like rag-a-muffins compared to all the other girls dressed up in their princess outfits. It's so hard to get us all ready for the day and I didn't have the energy or time to get them all dressed up again. So they just wore their dresses over their clothes. Brinley did NOT want to dress up.
Here they are making their snowflakes. They got to write about something nice they have done and put it up on their wall.
The storyline was cute. It was about treating others nicely and sharing. The girls got to participate in a song and dance. Sadie was a little lost. It was decorated so good and the actors did a great job. They all had a good time!

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Angie said...

Sounds like you had a fun December. I just love the sleeping baby picture. :)