Sunday, December 18, 2011

All About Cambree

Back in October, Cambree was the star student in her class in Kindergarten. We made a poster (well, actually my mom made it and I took the pictures because I had just had Easton) and she took it to school. She's such a spunky but sweet girl. Here are some of the things she said:
Favorite Color: BYU Blue
Favorite Food: Quesadillas with just cheese
Favorite Ice Cream: Rainbow
Favorite Place to Visit: Mountains-staying in a cabin
People in My Family: Dad, Mom, Brinley, Sadie, Easton
Something I am Good At: Coloring
Something I Dislike: Carrots
Something I would like to learn in Kindergarten: Practice writing my letters
List some books I like to read or have you read to me (picture below).

She has always said she hates carrots but I really think its an act. She says she likes cooked carrots better. What? I always thought they weren't as good when I was a kid.
She really has quesadillas almost everyday for lunch.

And something she said just today that made us laugh:
Cambree: You know I love you very much.
Dad: Yeah, I know! I love you too.
Cambree: I don't love Mommy as much cuz she's mean.
I told Shawn that she needs to stick up for me!

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