Sunday, November 27, 2011

Halloween Festivities 2011

Only a month behind...I forgot I haven't posted about Halloween! We had a great Halloween, especially with our new Pea-in-a-Pod. To kick it off, our ward had a Halloween Carnival. The kids had fun playing the games and getting candy. And then I remembered face paint all over is never a good idea.
Then, we carved pumpkins...oh...probably a week later. (The party early in the month.) The girls were really involved this time and did some of the carving. While I was taking care of Easton, Cambree turned it around and started carving on the back. She just couldn't stop!
That weekend some neighbors do a haunted house thing every year. The whole neighborhood shows up for treats and a scary time. The girls were saying they were too scared before we went in but they still wanted to go. Then, of course, when we were done they wanted to go through again! The theme this year was Wild West and they went all out! It was awesome!
Halloween Day, I had to get 4 kids ready (1 in full costume) to get to the school by 9:30 for the Halloween parade. I did it...mostly! We watched Brinley parade on through (hers I did on video) and then after Cambree went to Kindergarten in the afternoon, I got to go back to the school and see her parade through. It felt like I was running and getting kids ready all day.
Brinley made this awesome shrunken head at school. It's made out of an apple. So clever!
That night was time to go trick-or-treating! The weather was amazing! Shawn took the girls down the street and back while I sat outside. Shawn said Sadie was too slow and he was done with her. :) So she hung out with me and Easton to greet trick-or-treaters and ate entirely too much candy. Shawn took Brinley and Cambree all over the neighborhood and got way too much candy! We also made it over to Shawn's sister's house. They do a theme every year and this year they did Hanzel and Gretel. Their house looked like a gingerbread house. Jeff was locked in a cage and the kids were greeted by the ugly witch. It was great! The kids were scared too.
I love how he looks like he's standing. What a cute boy! And the chunk eaten out of his foam pea would be Sadie. :)


chrissy said...

it's never too late for blog catch-up time! :D i love the last picture of a huge bite taken out of his foam pea!

esperanza said...

Oh my gosh - your family is sooo cute! Love the little court-jester outfit and the little pea! :)

Tiffany said...

Oh, no! That pea costume has gone through 4 kids and still looks good! (besides the chunk) Maybe for the next kid you can cut a styrofoam ball in half and paint it.