Saturday, November 12, 2011

Easton's First Month

I can't believe he's already 6 weeks. Man! That flew by...sometimes. I won't lie. It's been rough. My mom has been here 3 times and Shawn has taken lots of work off. I don't know how people do it with kids closer than mine or with multiples! That's why I tried to space mine out cuz I know I can't handle it! Sometimes I felt like I've had postpartum depression...but I haven't. It's just the lack of sleep and caring for 3 other kids that have given me anxiety...oh, and also the bad recovery and getting fevers 3 different times. He has also been my hardest newborn (I think I said that with Sadie so I guess they just keep getting harder!). We thought he might have colic. There were several nights where he would cry for an hour or so and there wasn't anything we could do to comfort him...not even food! I think he's just super we have a new method to get out the gas and he seems to be better. But I think (and hope!) the worst is over. I made it all week without breaking down and feel almost myself again...thanks to Shawn waking up with him once a night. He really is amazing but I don't know how long he will be able to do it. He was a walking zombie this week.
Anyway, enough of the are the bright spots in those 6 weeks!

-I did his newborn pics and his announcement. LOVE the sporty feel. :)

 -His first bath at home. My mom did it all while I took pictures. :) He still cries the whole time in the bath. He is not a fan.
Look at those curls!
 -Sadie and Easton. I think they will be hanging out a lot together...maybe a little something like this... Sadie looks like she's guilty of something.
 And hopefully a lot of this. I hope they will be best friends.

Mwah! I love to kiss his cheeks and lips!
 -This is just precious. And I swear he's changing and growing up right before your eyes!
Brinley enjoying a little Easton time. :)

-Easton's first time at church-October 30th. It was the Primary Program and we didn't want to miss it!
He was actually in between cries here. If he's not asleep, eating, or being held, he's usually crying.
Ok, so Sadie looked so cute that Sunday too with her hair in a side ponytail (that didn't stay in past Sacrament meeting). She's looking so big!
And this is his 2nd week of church. He went the whole 3 hours! I just can't get enough of him in his grown-up looking clothes. I'm really loving the boy stuff!

Ok. Another one of Sadie. She LOVES to be in Easton's bouncer WAY more than he does.
Love this onesie. SO true!!

 -I haven't taken nearly enough pictures of this cute guy! He looks so old already!

And this is how I'm coping with having them so close. Sadie plays on the iTouch A LOT!


Pretend Fancy said...

Oh man I have had you on my mind so much lately, wondering how you have been holding up. I wouldn't blame you if you did have some baby blues, that's a lot to take in! I think I may be to blame for Easton being so colicky, because I seem to recall thinking when we would talk about how your babies would sleep through the night when they were just a few weeks old, "Hmph! I hope she gets a baby like Maddy one day." Ha! j/k! :) No but seriously, I totally know how it is to have a colicky baby and it is NOT fun. I think a little Itouch entertainment is good for kids and for the sanity of moms. You just keep doing the best that you can do and don't be hard on yourself, I know what a good Mom you are, and I know you are doing a great job. love ya Missy!

Sant Family said...

Your kids are adorable!

Sari had colic and cried for the first six months of her life from noon until 10 or 11 at night. When Larry came home from work he held her the rest of the night. Seriously. It was AWFUL! You completely have my sympathies! It DOES get better. Being responsible for four little persons that you basically have no control over is so hard! And knowing you, you are probably a little hard on yourself. By the time I had Daniel (my #4) I didn't leave the house for six weeks after I had a baby and I stayed in my housecoat most of the time. It's like once your dressed your family thinks you are back in action and once you show up at church your ward thinks you are back in action.

And seriously, you guys make lovely children and your announcement is so cute!

Angie said...

He is so darling! You know, I would have expected to see a crying picture of maybe you just need to bring the camera out more!

If it takes a long time to get back to your "normal" life, that's okay. If you have to call on your VTers every week for some help with dishes and laundry, that's okay. If you just have to hold him longer so he doesn't cry, if you have to read Sadie a story or play dolls with her while Easton is in your lap instead of making dinner, that's okay. If you have to put off photography sessions a few more months, that's okay. If Cambree and Brinley have to work harder around the house, that's okay. If you have to invite one of your friends over so her kid can play with Sadie and so you can have some good mom time with another mom and you don't get anything else done that day, that's okay. If Brinley and Cambree end up doing all of the holiday decorating, baking, crafts, and wrapping, that's okay, too!

Even though Easton is your son forever, he'll only be this sweet little baby for a tiny while! He's going to grow up so fast! He really will! I hope you don't feel like you have to live up to a certain standard. If you feel like you need to slow down so you don't stress out, I hope you do. You'll get your sleep back. You'll get your energy back. Easton will grow out of his collic stage. Sadie will still know that you love her.

I'm often telling myself...even though there are a million things that I can and should be doing, sometimes the most important things that I do involve me doing something with my children.

chrissy said...

Colic is no fun :( hopefully you're getting more sleep these days!

I have to say though, that announcement is adorable!! said...

Oh Easton is so sweet. I love those pics you took. They turned out so cute. I was thinking about you and others who have four or more kids and wondering how people do it. It's been crazy. But lots of fun. Good luck. I hope Easton gets a little better.:)