Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cambree~6 Years Old

My little Cambree. After having Easton I was happy to get out and take Cambree's 6 YO pictures. She is so fun to photograph and usually wants to do whatever I ask of her...but not so much this time. The sun and the weeds were a big bother to her. Such is life!
Here's a little bit about Cambree.
-She is the firecracker of the bunch (so far).
-She always has something to say/do/sing...and she is definitely LOUD about it. Ugh.
-She LOVES to tease. Gets excited to tease...much like her Uncle Ryan. She especially likes Sadie as her victim...and Sadie doesn't take it so well.
-On the opposite side of that, she likes to be the mom. She likes to tell Sadie what to do but she also likes to get her dressed or out of her crib or even change her diaper.
-She has picked up reading rather quickly and loves reading to me.
-She likes to surprise me sometimes by doing jobs around the house. Love that!
-She loves to play with anyone that will play with her...even boys. :)
-She still likes playing soccer. We can't wait until she realizes her potential instead of just running around the ball.
-She still loves to dance and perform for anyone that will watch her.
-Brinley is teaching her piano and she's picking it up fairly quickly. I guess we'll be doing lessons for her too.
-She has definitely been my lifesaver during the day helping out with Easton. She loves to give him kisses, hold him and even give him a bottle. She is such a great helper in the morning when I'm trying to get everyone ready. Cambree sure is wonderful!
Now, onto the pictures!

Of course there has to be one of these moments. She was sick of sitting on the pokie weeds.
This is definitely a Cambree look with wide eyes telling me what's what.
So I wanted to try panning...didn't work out too well and she was sick of running. So I'll be trying again!
She saw this picture and wanted to remove those spots on her nose. I think she watches me Photoshop too much. I love her cute freckles!
We are so happy Cambree is in our family. She brings such life to our family. We love you, girl!

Oh! I wanted to post about one of my pictures making it to the LDS website again. It's in the Dating and marriage category. I guess they're not giving props to photographers for the galleries cuz I didn't even know it was there! Kinda fun! Click here to see it!


Denise said...

Don't remove a single freckle--they're adorable!

Angie said...

I love Cambree...especially her zest for everything about life. Those freckles are just proof of that. So cute!

Mandy Summers said...

I love that Brinley is teaching Cambree piano lessons! It's just fun that someone I started teaching is now teaching someone else!
And Cambree sounds like a great helper! That's great!