Sunday, November 27, 2011

Halloween Festivities 2011

Only a month behind...I forgot I haven't posted about Halloween! We had a great Halloween, especially with our new Pea-in-a-Pod. To kick it off, our ward had a Halloween Carnival. The kids had fun playing the games and getting candy. And then I remembered face paint all over is never a good idea.
Then, we carved pumpkins...oh...probably a week later. (The party early in the month.) The girls were really involved this time and did some of the carving. While I was taking care of Easton, Cambree turned it around and started carving on the back. She just couldn't stop!
That weekend some neighbors do a haunted house thing every year. The whole neighborhood shows up for treats and a scary time. The girls were saying they were too scared before we went in but they still wanted to go. Then, of course, when we were done they wanted to go through again! The theme this year was Wild West and they went all out! It was awesome!
Halloween Day, I had to get 4 kids ready (1 in full costume) to get to the school by 9:30 for the Halloween parade. I did it...mostly! We watched Brinley parade on through (hers I did on video) and then after Cambree went to Kindergarten in the afternoon, I got to go back to the school and see her parade through. It felt like I was running and getting kids ready all day.
Brinley made this awesome shrunken head at school. It's made out of an apple. So clever!
That night was time to go trick-or-treating! The weather was amazing! Shawn took the girls down the street and back while I sat outside. Shawn said Sadie was too slow and he was done with her. :) So she hung out with me and Easton to greet trick-or-treaters and ate entirely too much candy. Shawn took Brinley and Cambree all over the neighborhood and got way too much candy! We also made it over to Shawn's sister's house. They do a theme every year and this year they did Hanzel and Gretel. Their house looked like a gingerbread house. Jeff was locked in a cage and the kids were greeted by the ugly witch. It was great! The kids were scared too.
I love how he looks like he's standing. What a cute boy! And the chunk eaten out of his foam pea would be Sadie. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cambree~6 Years Old

My little Cambree. After having Easton I was happy to get out and take Cambree's 6 YO pictures. She is so fun to photograph and usually wants to do whatever I ask of her...but not so much this time. The sun and the weeds were a big bother to her. Such is life!
Here's a little bit about Cambree.
-She is the firecracker of the bunch (so far).
-She always has something to say/do/sing...and she is definitely LOUD about it. Ugh.
-She LOVES to tease. Gets excited to tease...much like her Uncle Ryan. She especially likes Sadie as her victim...and Sadie doesn't take it so well.
-On the opposite side of that, she likes to be the mom. She likes to tell Sadie what to do but she also likes to get her dressed or out of her crib or even change her diaper.
-She has picked up reading rather quickly and loves reading to me.
-She likes to surprise me sometimes by doing jobs around the house. Love that!
-She loves to play with anyone that will play with her...even boys. :)
-She still likes playing soccer. We can't wait until she realizes her potential instead of just running around the ball.
-She still loves to dance and perform for anyone that will watch her.
-Brinley is teaching her piano and she's picking it up fairly quickly. I guess we'll be doing lessons for her too.
-She has definitely been my lifesaver during the day helping out with Easton. She loves to give him kisses, hold him and even give him a bottle. She is such a great helper in the morning when I'm trying to get everyone ready. Cambree sure is wonderful!
Now, onto the pictures!

Of course there has to be one of these moments. She was sick of sitting on the pokie weeds.
This is definitely a Cambree look with wide eyes telling me what's what.
So I wanted to try panning...didn't work out too well and she was sick of running. So I'll be trying again!
She saw this picture and wanted to remove those spots on her nose. I think she watches me Photoshop too much. I love her cute freckles!
We are so happy Cambree is in our family. She brings such life to our family. We love you, girl!

Oh! I wanted to post about one of my pictures making it to the LDS website again. It's in the Dating and marriage category. I guess they're not giving props to photographers for the galleries cuz I didn't even know it was there! Kinda fun! Click here to see it!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Easton's First Month

I can't believe he's already 6 weeks. Man! That flew by...sometimes. I won't lie. It's been rough. My mom has been here 3 times and Shawn has taken lots of work off. I don't know how people do it with kids closer than mine or with multiples! That's why I tried to space mine out cuz I know I can't handle it! Sometimes I felt like I've had postpartum depression...but I haven't. It's just the lack of sleep and caring for 3 other kids that have given me anxiety...oh, and also the bad recovery and getting fevers 3 different times. He has also been my hardest newborn (I think I said that with Sadie so I guess they just keep getting harder!). We thought he might have colic. There were several nights where he would cry for an hour or so and there wasn't anything we could do to comfort him...not even food! I think he's just super we have a new method to get out the gas and he seems to be better. But I think (and hope!) the worst is over. I made it all week without breaking down and feel almost myself again...thanks to Shawn waking up with him once a night. He really is amazing but I don't know how long he will be able to do it. He was a walking zombie this week.
Anyway, enough of the are the bright spots in those 6 weeks!

-I did his newborn pics and his announcement. LOVE the sporty feel. :)

 -His first bath at home. My mom did it all while I took pictures. :) He still cries the whole time in the bath. He is not a fan.
Look at those curls!
 -Sadie and Easton. I think they will be hanging out a lot together...maybe a little something like this... Sadie looks like she's guilty of something.
 And hopefully a lot of this. I hope they will be best friends.

Mwah! I love to kiss his cheeks and lips!
 -This is just precious. And I swear he's changing and growing up right before your eyes!
Brinley enjoying a little Easton time. :)

-Easton's first time at church-October 30th. It was the Primary Program and we didn't want to miss it!
He was actually in between cries here. If he's not asleep, eating, or being held, he's usually crying.
Ok, so Sadie looked so cute that Sunday too with her hair in a side ponytail (that didn't stay in past Sacrament meeting). She's looking so big!
And this is his 2nd week of church. He went the whole 3 hours! I just can't get enough of him in his grown-up looking clothes. I'm really loving the boy stuff!

Ok. Another one of Sadie. She LOVES to be in Easton's bouncer WAY more than he does.
Love this onesie. SO true!!

 -I haven't taken nearly enough pictures of this cute guy! He looks so old already!

And this is how I'm coping with having them so close. Sadie plays on the iTouch A LOT!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Mrs. Reiber's Farm

About mid-October, Cambree's Kindergarten teacher invited all her classes to come to her farm! Easton's first official outing, besides the Dr.'s office. I was so glad cuz I knew we weren't going to be able to go to any kind of pumpkin patch this year. I just didn't have the energy and Easton is still too young. In between the last of the soccer games, we were able to go out to her farm. She had turkeys, chickens, geese, bunnies, a goat who's name is Stu, and lots of pumpkins to pick from. Each of her students got to pick one. They also had snow cones, cookies, and pumpkin bread. Her teacher went all out!
I thought about taking another picture but I just love that Sadie looks like she's going to eat the pumpkin. She actually went around kissing them. :)
Cambree was having such a fun time seeing friends from school and just enjoying herself. The weather was awesome!
All the kids wanted to feed Stu. Cambree was no different.
Sadie was a bit of a rag-muffin that day. I just couldn't get everyone ready on-time and the girls got her dressed.
Sadie had a love/hate relationship with the geese. She wanted to touch them but was scared. I was glad she was scared. They are kinda mean!
I think we will be taking lots of pictures of Easton in this on our outings. He slept through the whole thing...and the soccer games too. Sweet! 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Easton's First Photo Shoot

So these have been a long time coming! I feel like he doesn't even look like this anymore. He's already growing out of clothes! I was going through some things early on in my recovery and didn't get his pictures taken as early as I like (6-10 days). So he was wide-awake for most of them and it actually took me 3 different shoots to get all the shots I wanted...well, I still didn't get all the shots I wanted...oh well. Here's the preciousness:
I wanted to try a little something different without the backdrops and the posing...maybe a more journalistic feel? I'm still not sure that I liked it.
But these 2 shots were precious! His hair looks so red here.

And of course we had to do some baseball pics. Shawn said even if he doesn't like sports or baseball it will be a tribute to Shawn. I guess that works.
Yup! Shawn's loving his boy!
My friend, Tracie, was kind enough to come over and take some pictures of me with Easton. I just wanted them all black and white. This is the first time I've done this. To be honest, I was worried I wouldn't like myself in them. I mean, who looks good right after having a baby? But Tracie worked her magic and made me look good!!

I LOVE them! Thank you so much! I wish I would've done them with my other kids.