Friday, October 28, 2011

Cambree's 6th Birthday

Yes, in the midst of all this new babyness Cambree had her birthday a week later. Gosh, for some reason we really like fall birthdays around here with 3 kids in a little over a month!
But I am smart and had Cambree's first friend party BEFORE Easton was born. So it was about 2 weeks early. She wanted a Princess party and has been planning it for months. A friend told me that she allows her kids to invite as many friends as they are turning. I liked that idea so Cambree got to have 6 friends. All the kids were dressed up in their dress-ups...the 2 boys had to be a little more creative and come as knights or kings. :) I wanted a low-key party and did it on a Saturday so Shawn could help me. We played a few games, made wands, and had a pinata. I knew the kids would love that and I was glad to have Shawn there since it can get a little dangerous!
We ended slightly early cuz we were done and so was I!
We made cupcakes instead of a cake. Much easier. :)
Then, on Cambree's actual birthday, we had cake and presents with just our family, even Easton! The cake was not at all what I envisioned but she was happy with it and that's all that matters.

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