Friday, October 28, 2011

Cambree's 6th Birthday

Yes, in the midst of all this new babyness Cambree had her birthday a week later. Gosh, for some reason we really like fall birthdays around here with 3 kids in a little over a month!
But I am smart and had Cambree's first friend party BEFORE Easton was born. So it was about 2 weeks early. She wanted a Princess party and has been planning it for months. A friend told me that she allows her kids to invite as many friends as they are turning. I liked that idea so Cambree got to have 6 friends. All the kids were dressed up in their dress-ups...the 2 boys had to be a little more creative and come as knights or kings. :) I wanted a low-key party and did it on a Saturday so Shawn could help me. We played a few games, made wands, and had a pinata. I knew the kids would love that and I was glad to have Shawn there since it can get a little dangerous!
We ended slightly early cuz we were done and so was I!
We made cupcakes instead of a cake. Much easier. :)
Then, on Cambree's actual birthday, we had cake and presents with just our family, even Easton! The cake was not at all what I envisioned but she was happy with it and that's all that matters.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Week...and probably the second week too

Everything is still pretty much a blur full of diaper changes, feedings, and lack of sleep. Easton's first week wasn't as much. He slept a TON! Probably from all the meds I was still on made him sleepy. He is such a good baby so far. The girls all love having him around and all want to hold him all the time.
He also really likes his swing and his binky! Oh yeah!
Yeah, this is how Sadie holds him...not really holding him. :)

I can't quite figure out something though. Cambree has been up to stuff...mischief stuff. I don't know if she needs more attention or what. I expected this from Sadie but not Cambree. She has turned the milk purple with food coloring. Yeah, Shawn gave some to Sadie and her poop in her diaper dyed her bum. Nice. (Oh, and I just noticed how dirty my fridge is! Just keeping it real, folks!)
She has drawn on the walls, books, and stuffed animals with Sharpie. And the newest thing (and last straw), she dropped her pants and peed in her room on the floor. Not her first time but still! What's her deal? Then, a few nights ago, the girls came upstairs in the middle of the night (just as I fell back asleep from being up with Easton) to tell us that Brinley peed in the bed. (They now share a room and a bed.) What???? When was the last time she did that? She said she did it on purpose cuz she didn't want to get up and make the trip to the bathroom. Yeah. She was doing her own laundry and
jobs for me the next day. It seems like everyday something is broken or ruined. What is going on??!!
I just couldn't resist how sloppy/redneck this looks. It's just what happens when you have a new baby. Life stops for everyone not done, girls got her dressed in pj's, messy face, and playing in a pool without water. The fun never ends!

Oh, I have had some setbacks though. I got an infection on my incision. When I went to get my staples taken out, my doctor was still gone on vacation until the next day. So I waited another day. When I called, they said they don't take staples out at the miscommunication with the other doctor that said I could! They said the hospital would have to. They said they don't do that either and got my doctor's office on the phone. Finally they got it all worked out to have another hospital do it. I told them I thought I might have an infection and sure enough...when the nurse saw it she felt so bad for me and said removing the staples was going to hurt bad. It actually wasn't too bad though. After that, I had to go to my doctor's office to have them look at it and give me an antibiotic.  They also told me to have hot baths as often and as long as I could and to pour hydrogen peroxide on it. Lovely. How am I supposed to do that with 4 other kids??? So I was kind of a wreck and Shawn stayed home the rest of the week cuz my mom had to leave the next day. It finally was starting to clear up and Shawn went back to work when I got a fever. I still don't know where that came from. And then I got a yeast infection from the antibiotics...they said that could be a side-effect. It just felt like I couldn't catch a break.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Baby Story-Easton

I finally got the hospital pictures from my SIL so I need to blog all about the hospital. I have a horrible memory already and I'm sure I've already forgotten things...probably better for you so it will be shorter!
Anyway, we got to the hospital at 5:30 a.m. I was painfully waddling into the doors and so thankful that I didn't have to be pregnant too much not like me! I got all hooked up to monitors and prepped for the C-section. My IV took 3 NOT fun! Later, I had to get my blood drawn. That took 2 pokes. I looked like a druggie with pokes and bruises.
I went to the OR room and they were getting me all ready for the spinal block. Just before the needle went in, they got a call from my doctor. He had to go deliver a baby at another hospital. Whew! That was just in time! Otherwise, I'd have to lay on the OR table completely numb. So I walked back to the room to wait. We only waited a 1/2 hour. He was fast!
So I finally go back to the OR and get everything going again. It all went really well. I didn't even get nauseous at all, which was a first. The doctors were pushing on me really hard to get him out (just like with Brinley) and he came out screaming! They all said he was big and had a big head. That would be a Hancock! He was perfect though and everything went well.
Checking all his vitals in the Nursery. I wasn't there for all that but Shawn was. It took them a few minutes longer to bring him out to me. They said his body temperature took a little longer to bring back up.
I love how excited they are to see the baby!
Cambree could not keep her hands off him. She LOVES babies!
A family of 6!! I feel like that's a HUGE family!
I still can't believe all his hair!! The nurses would comment about how they see dark hair a lot but not his color. It kinda looks like he has highlights. It's also curly when it's wet. So cute!

My mom watched the girls the whole time I was gone. She is THE BEST!!
Since I was in the hospital for 4 days, we had some visitors! My sister, my brother and his family, Nicole came to visit and both Grandmas came and Grandpa Hancock. My mom brought the girls again (minus Brinley cuz she was at school). This time Sadie wanted to hold him. I LOVED that! It was so cute! My baby holding my baby.
I LOVE staying at the hospital as long as I can. It gives me the opportunity to get to know this little guy and to recover without making dinner and taking care of the kids. The nurses were great and I really enjoyed being there. We did have a bit of a rough patch with Easton, though. I always send him to the nursery at night (cuz you can't do that at home!) and in the morning the nurses commented on how fussy he was. They would feed him (I do both-nurse and formula) and he would still be fussy. So we tried a different formula, one that's for fussy babies and that worked. He hardly spit up and he was content. Whew! I was really nervous I was going to have a hard baby. The nurses were so worried that they were going to have a NICU nurse come in and try and figure out what's wrong with him.
Anyway, things were good. We watched 2 sessions of General Conference on Saturday and then went home that evening. The doctor (not my doctor but the one that helped with the surgery) didn't feel comfortable taking my staples out yet but said I could get them out at my doctor's office on Monday. More on that later.
So here's Easton all ready to go real clothes! He looked so handsome! This was a 0-3 Month outfit and fit him perfect. I thought it would be too big, but it looks like he'll grow out of it too fast!
Going home! He did great the whole way home until about the last 5 minutes. It seems like if he's awake, he's hungry!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Easton Craig Hancock
born on Sept. 28
8 lbs 10 oz & 20 inches
Yup! We had our baby about a week and a 1/2 ago. I was hoping to get the pictures my sister-in-law took but I haven't yet and wanted to show him off. So there will be another hospital post. :) It's VERY different having a boy, especially as far as diaper changes go! The girls all love him and want to hold him. He is so precious. Just look:

Yes, he did cry...and actually he cried a lot in the hospital. But we figured it out.

LOTS of hair! I was amazed that it was a lighter color. And it's curly when it's wet.
We are smitten! So I will be MIA for a while enjoying this little guy.