Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer is Ending

Summer is ending...kind of sad...kind of not. I'm bummed about not getting to go and do whatever whenever, but to be honest, with Sadie breaking her arm and me being huge I was done doing little field trips. I was also SO ready to have the kids back in school with some structure and THEY were ready to go back to school. So much teasing and fighting. Ugh. So it's all good I guess with summer being over, even though it's still 90 degrees outside.
We have done a few activities though admist all the photo shoots I've been doing. (Check out my photo blog to see those.) We went to 7 Peaks yesterday. I thought it was going to be SO crowded but it was THE PERFECT day! Not crowded at all and not too hot. So good and the first time we were all able to go as a family. We also tried the old Trafalga in Orem. Not too great but the girls loved the Night Golf...and the other 2 golf courses! Yeah, it's all about the mini golf over there. :)

Sadie is always just so good sitting in the stroller. Good thing!
BUT she did have to get out and try the video games!
I found this little gem on my camera that Brinley took. I find all sorts of stuff on my camera not even knowing they took it out. Sadie is one-armed here cuz she still has her sling on. :)
Goodbye Summer!

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tracie said...

I am refusing to say goodbye to summer. How about that....