Thursday, September 22, 2011

Owls Game

Well, we have free tickets to the Owls games but we only made it to the last one. It was fun though cuz we went with some friends and then another family in the ward was there too! The more the merrier! It was fun to just sit on the grass while the kids ran around. They have a playground that we definitely took advantage of. Brinley took all the pictures at the playground. She's really getting into photography. Maybe she'll be my little helper someday.
Love the static hair!
Cambree is always doing this stuff to her. Who knows why.

Oh, around the 5th inning it started getting super windy. Then the ran came down! We packed up and went for the shelter. Shawn ran to get the car. They suspended the game for awhile. And as soon as Shawn had the car, the rain let up. Oh well. It was late and a school night so we needed to head home anyway. I wish we would have gone to more games though. It was fun while it lasted!

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