Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back 2 School

This year is a big year for school. I have a 3rd grader AND a Kindergartner! Finally! Cambree is in school! Having an October birthday seems like SO LONG until she can go to school.
Brinley got to go to school a whole week before Cambree. We all walked her to school and were greeted by the Cougar.
Then a WHOLE week later, Cambree got to go. She was very picky about how she wanted her hair. Since her hair is finally long enough to have in a pony tail, that's the way she wants it almost everyday! About 15 minutes before school started, she stubbed her baby toe REALLY bad. I didn't think it was too bad, but she was VERY sad about it ruining her day. When she got home, it was badly bruised. I hope she didn't break it. Poor thing. But despite the toe, she had a great day and has LOVED school. She has the same teacher as Brinley but Cambree is certainly a different kid than Brinley so I hope she behaves well for her. I'm a little nervous.
I have to say that I'm LOVING her in afternoon Kindergarten. She entertains Sadie in the morning and we do errands and then after lunch she's off to school and Sadie has her nap. I've been able to get so much done and I'll be honest, I do get a nice little nap in too. It's wonderful!! Too bad it will only last a month.
Kinda sad about the toe.
I told her to act excited and raise her arms up. This is all I got because of the toe still. I know. Lovely tatoo she's got there.
Showing off her backpack but still in pain.
Now she's all better! She didn't want me to walk in to the classroom with her. She didn't even want me going this far, but I needed a picture. She's sure ready!


Little Old Me said...

your girls' hair is always so amazing, i wish I was patient enough to do stuff like that. Maddy's hair always feels so super fine I can never get it to do anything! And I'm jealous of your awesome one month schedule, that sounds amazing. get those naps in while you can, you deserve them!

Kelly said...

Your girls have such great hair! You are great at doing it too! Piper won't let me touch hers very much right now or even put bows or clips in :( She does like to gently brush my hair, which I will take any day :)