Sunday, August 21, 2011

Zions-Davis Family Reunion

So at the first of August, we went down to Zion's National Park for a family reunion on my side of the family. I know. It's crazy being 8 months pregnant in that weather and hiking! But it's a reunion...I had to be there. :) My dad got us all a big cabin to stay in at Zion's Ponderosa. It was a nice place and it was fun being all together to play games and eat. We actually road with my parents in their was nice to not have to drive and the girls loved the DVD player. Totally unplanned, we actually met up with my 2 sisters and their husbands in Fillmore for a dinner stop. So we just caravaned down to Zions together. We checked in, made dinner, and just settled in the first night. We did play a game of Shoes, a Hancock tradition. It was funny cuz all the in-laws were the final, Davis' don't got rhythm. The Pattersons got there later that night since Rob had to work.
Thursday, we got up and got going to hike in Zion's. We were just doing the little hikes cuz we had tons of little kids...9 kids under age 8 (and one on the way...actually 2. My sister, Tiffany, announced while we were there that she's pregnant! Due at the first of March.).
You have to take shuttles there so here we all are pretty much taking over the bus.

Sadie acting so big. Yes, she had to have a sling on the whole time. Still broken. :(
The first hike we did was Weeping Rock...very nice and very short. LOVE the trickle of water that comes off the rock. So refreshing.
Here's the group...minus my dad who was taking the picture.
Family picture...without Sadie looking at the camera. Oh well.

Then, it was already time for lunch. So we sat by a little river and my mom told us about our ancestors and Cable Mountain. We were at the base of the mountain and learned how they got wood from the top of the mountain to the bottom via cable. What's a reunion without an ancestor story or two? It was a nice, shady spot and the kids had fun playing in the water.
Sadie was kind of like this the whole day. Didn't know if she was tired or what. After we got back to the cabin, she had a fever. A few hours later it was gone. Maybe she was dehydrated??? I thought we gave her plenty of water. Poor girl.
After lunch, we got on the shuttle and headed to Emerald Pools to hike. The kids had a great time hiking TO the pools...not so much coming back. We only hiked to the lower pool too.
More refreshing water...ahh...
Cambree with her cousins. They had a blast!
Brinley just chillin'. I didn't have good junky shoes for her to wear so she the shoes she wore were too small. I didn't even think about it before we left. I could've gotten some at DI or something. She didn't have too much fun hiking and eventually hiked barefoot back. Sorry, Brinley!
Well, that was it! The kids were D-O-N-E...I was too. My dad got us all ice cream sandwiches while we relaxed on the grass in the shade by the hotel and restaurant. Then, we headed back to the cabin. Some of us took naps and some of us went to the pool. Then, we all got showers and ready for a family picture that my mom so desperately wanted. This is the first time in 4 years we've all been together and she wanted to document it. I don't blame her. :) After much whining from the adults, and me getting a little irritated, we got this picture. The lighting could've have worked out better to get this awesome sunburst. Not too shabby with just a tripod and a remote. The kids did great!
Then, it was dinner time and bed time and game time for the adults.
The next day a group was hiking The Narrows. Some of them rented shoes and poles, which was really a good idea with all the bedrock you hike across. The group ended up being: Rob, Shawn, J.J., David, Nate, Mandy, and my Dad. This hike has been on my dad's To-Do list so it was awesome they all got to go together. Shawn said it was the best hike he's ever done. The sites were amazing and the hike was just different going through water the whole time. I don't know why I question his abilities but he was hiking with my brother-in-law that does marathons and my brother who is in good shape, but he kept right up there with Rob hiking like a maniac and was hardly sore the next day. At one point, Shawn, Rob, J.J. & David split off from the others and just booked it through a part called Wallstreet so they could go faster. They made it through and caught back up with the others. It was really deep in some parts. J.J. and David even cliff jumped (or maybe just jumped off high rocks) a little.
Here's the group without my dad cuz he took the picture.
Shawn's the lonely guy at the top!
The rest of us girls were either prego or nursing or just watching the kids. Somebody's gotta do that! We did go back into Zion's and did the Junior Ranger program. They learned all about California Condors who happen to be one of the most disgusting animals.
They made paper airplane condors and watched them fly!
 After they got their booklets and patches/pins, we went back to the cabin for naps and swimming. Zion's Pondersosa has some really great activities (that are pretty pricey) like rock climbing, 4-wheeling, zipline, trampoline bungee jump thing, horse riding, etc. But really, the pool was all we needed! It as a GREAT pool that hit THE spot! Mom and Kristy stayed with the sleeping babies while Angie, Tiff and I took the kids to the pool. There were 2 slides and we finally got Cambree to go down the little one.
By then, it was time for dinner and for the guys (& Mandy) to get back. We're so glad they all made it back safely and they had a good time. After getting the kids to bed, some of the adults went back to the pool to swim in the pool and relax in the hot tub. We were like kids going down the slide...I did go down once but that was all I could take. Then, the hot tub called to us...what a nice way to end the day.
Saturday came and it was time to leave. It was just too short. So to make it a little longer, J.J. really wanted to go rock climbing. So he found a spot for us to either go rappelling or climbing. Angie, J.J., and David rock climbed and my dad rappelled. Brinley said she wanted to rappel so they got her all ready. She chickened out. She just couldn't do it. I was proud of her for wanting to try.
With a broken arm and all, Sadie wanted to hike all over this rock. She was freaking me out!
So here is Brinley (very small) looking down the mountain. Such a brave girl.
 Yikes! This was WAY too long! Part 2 in Arizona will have to be another day!


Little Old Me said...

Loved all of the pictures and looks like such a fun vacation. You were such a great sport for doing all of that hiking and being so pregnant (and you look so cute pregnant bytheway!) can't wait for part two!

Little Old Me said...

That was me jenn bytheway

Missy said...

Jenn, glad you told me...I thought I had a really nice stalker. :)

jamie @ [kreyv] said...

First of all, you are amazing to BE in Zions while pregnant, let alone hike in Zions. I couldn't/wouldn't do that, and I can't even blame it on pregnancy! Love your family picture!

Darci said...

I can't believe you are already 9 months pregnant! That went by so fast! (for me :))

esperanza said...

That family photo of your family all in white is gorgeous! I also loved the one of Shawn and Sadie! :)