Sunday, August 14, 2011


I just had to blog about this before I forgot...cuz I do that A LOT!
Today Cambree told Shawn, "I like all temples but I don't like churches."
Shawn said, "Why don't you like churches?"
She said, "Because you can get drinks whenever you want, you can't go to the bathroom whenever you want and you have to sit there a lot."
Shawn said, "But all your friends are there."
She said, "I know but I just can't play with them."
Then, she sang "I Love to See the Temple" all morning long! We're doing something right but not all of it is clicking yet. You have to go to church to get to the temple. We need to make sure she has the order right. ;)
Then, after church she didn't get her good-at-church treat because she wasn't good at all. She protested and cried and then told me she didn't want a mom anymore. She just likes dads. I guess I'm doing something right, cuz I remember saying that to my mom and I turned out just fine. :)
The girls have also been doing a lot of rough-housing where Sadie is usually the ones that gets hurt. I guess I really shouldn't be surprised with her getting a broken arm. It was bound to happen whether she fell off Shawn or playground equipment. :)


Denise said...

Great picture! That's what dads are for, to be pummeled and climbed on and fallen off of.

Heather Curtis said...

I love that picture too! I get the "you're a bad mom" from Korver a lot and I'm still just grateful he is young enough to want me to kiss and hug him only a short time later. I should try that good-at-church treat idea... although my kids are still at an age where neither of them would ever eat them. I have to keep working on Korver- he is getting there. Sacrament meeting is just so long for a two-year-old in the afternoon.