Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Arizona-Part 2 of Zion's Trip

Oh so many things to blog about but I must finish up this trip! So after we went to Zion's we packed up and went down to Arizona to my sister's house in Prescott to see their baby, Spencer's blessing. We've never been there before and figured why not? since we were already 1/2 way. No one else was able to go except us and my parents.
The journey down there was quite the experience. About a 1/2 hour out of Kanab we came to some traffic. Everyone was at a dead-stop. No traffic was coming the opposite way either...we figured it was an accident. No help had arrived yet so it probably just happened. Shawn walked up to it (abt a 1/2 mile) and saw that it was a bad accident with a 1/2 a Lexus and a SUV and a boat. The guy in the Lexus died but the family in the SUV was ok. There wasn't cell phone service. We waited about 20 minutes and my dad looked at a map for an alternate route. He found one...a dirt road. So we turned around and relied on a map to find this little dirt road. We found it! Then, the GPS found it too and we were good to go! It was VERY rocky and bumpy and being very pregnant was NOT fun...and then I started feeling like I had to go to the bathroom. Oh boy. It was a good thing we had the Yukon cuz we definitely needed 4-wheel drive. We even passed some cars on the dirt road to make sure we were going the right way...even an Italian, which my dad thought was fun to say a little in his shaky Italian. :) We finally made it out on the other side of the accident and cars were still backed up and waiting. We still had hours to go! It was a LONG trip but we made it safe and sound.
We weren't all able to stay at their house so my parents stayed in a hotel and actually took Brinley and Cambree with them since their kids were already asleep. It worked out perfect! The next morning we got ready for church and for dinner after the blessing. Rob did a great job and Spencer was good during the blessing.
We took some pictures before church. He was all smiles!

Here's the group. Rob's dad was also able to come.
Cute Family!
He was a little fussy but Rob got some good smiles from him.
We were so happy to have been able to go down to be there for Spencer's blessing. After church, Rob showed us his new Orthodontic office. It's AWESOME and they have so many cool programs and things. I wish they lived closer so our kids could take advantage.
We came back to the house and just ate YUMMY food and chatted. I didn't take ANY other pictures, so this was it! Angie also took us on a little tour of Prescott. It's a cute town with lots of fun stuff to do. I can't wait to go back and go to the awesome lake!
Thanks, guys, for having us! We had a great time! We're glad the drive home was uneventful. :)


tracie said...

Oh my! that trip sounded a little rough. Glad you had fun after though.

esperanza said...

What a beautiful family Angie has! Congrats to her. :)

Angie said...

Thanks for coming down to visit us...even for just a couple of nights. It really meant a lot to all of us. I just love those pictures, too. Spencer's smile just melts my heart!