Wednesday, August 17, 2011

24th of July

For the 24th we spent the long weekend in Tooele with my family. My brother and his family came and my sister and her husband (he came only on Sunday because of work). We had a great time eating good food and playing games. We also did a few other things. The night we got there the kids wanted to play in the backyard. We turned on the hose and they kids had a mud-fest! My parents are ALMOST done landscaping so all the mud will either be concrete or garden or grass but right now it was just mud. So fun! Shawn was cringing the whole time. He HATES dirty kids...but mud does wash off! The kids needed a bath anyway. :)
Justus wasn't dressed for the occasion and he was good about staying out of it...I do wonder if he would've even gotten dirty anyway.
Love the mud on her nose.
Time to wash off with the COLD hose water!
Those are not squeals of delight.
All clean and cuddle time with Grandma.
The next morning was a children's parade followed by a free carnival.  We all know what children's parades are like...yeah, they are boring cuz parades are really for kids and if they're in the parade then not so fun for us. So we showed up late, just a little before the carnival.
Grandma took Sadie to get her face painted. She was so cute and sat so still.
I swear my girls can't smile normal...but here they are showing off their balloon animals and face paint.
They also had fun at the bounce houses, potato sack races, and the fishing pond. Good times.
After the carnival, we came home and had some lunch. My brother took the kids (Brinley and Cambree included) to go to the swimming pool. Shawn and I couldn't go since I had a photo shoot that day in SL...I was ok with that since I needed a nap. :) We always stay up way too late. Right after we got back from the shoot, we headed over to the theater to see the last Harry Potter in 3D with all the adults. My sister had already seen it and was so awesome to watch all the kids. The movie was amazing and met all my expectations. I had just re-read the book so everything was fresh in my mind. It was just awesome!
Sunday we went to church and relaxed. That night, we let off some fireworks and I got the pictures I didn't get from the 4th with sparklers. So fun!
Monday, I took some more pictures for my brother and his family at a duck park. Everyone came a little later to feed the ducks and have a picnic. The ducks were a little aggressive! At least they didn't bite.
Then, it started raining and it was time to go! We love spending time with family. It's always a good time. :)


Mandy Summers said...

That USA picture with the sparklers is so cool! It looks like you all had fun!

Sant Family said...

I love your sparkler picture, too! Seriously, Larry would freak out about the dirt! He can't stand dirty kids, dirty jobs, getting dirty, etc. Must be from the Hancock side.