Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Activities-June

Summer is flying by! We've done so many fun things already. Most of them out in the sun and in the water. We bought a Pass of all Passes so we've gone to Seven Peaks and to Trafalga a lot. We've also been to the 2 Splash Parks close to where we live and Swim lessons...but that will be another post. :)
This was the best I could get of Sadie at Seven Peaks...the girls were too busy playing!

Trafalga in Lehi is so much fun for the girls. They love the rides, rock climbing, but most of all, they LOVE Laser Tag! I was surprised that Cambree was even brave enough to go. A friend watched Sadie for me so I could take Cambree. They have a training video before going in and she kept saying she was scared but I assured her it was all pretend. She was brave until we went to get the guns and vests on. She almost backed out but I said I would be with her the whole time. She warmed up quickly and had a blast! Now she goes all the time without me. They love it!

Another thing this summer was the city parade. Cambree actually got to be in it this year with her dance group. But when they passed, my friend gave me her camera to take a picture and I totally missed taking one of Cambree. So this is her after and she wasn't too happy.

They had a cool setup with the fire trucks and the flag.
Of course Cosmo was there! Love that!
That evening, they have a REALLY great fireworks show for such a small town. We watched with neighbors and had a great time. Sadie loved it.
Oh, and I must not forget that for one whole week Shawn was gone at Scout Camp. I did REALLY good all week and we kept busy but by Thursday I was D-O-N-E!! I don't know how single moms do it. It was kind of a bad combination with our AC going out and me and Sadie getting the worst cold ever. What the?? It's summer! It was such a bad cold. So at night I would try to keep cool by having the ceiling fan on and a table fan and spraying water on me...all while trying to breathe through a stuffy nose. I was tired.


Gabrielle said...

How are you feeling?

Missy said...

Thanks for asking, Gabrielle. If our AC was working right I would say pretty ok, but I'm always hot! So not fun. Other than that, I'm too busy to even think about having a baby! It's coming too fast and I'm nervous about having 4!