Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Spring Dance Concert

Summer has been SO busy for some reason! And it's already 1/2 over! I'm about a month behind with blogging!
Oh well. Around the first of June, Cambree had her dance concert. The concert idea is from the book All the World. I did the posters and the programs this time since we trade for dance so I was excited about that and she trusted me! I think they turned out great!

Cambree was so excited, of course, to get to dance in front of everybody...and getting to wear makeup is definitely a plus!

Here she is in her Tomato Spy outfit. She made the cutest faces during her dance.
 Her other dance was a fire/teddy bear dance. She was fire and was so cute!

The Finale!

Grandma came the first night and for some reason, Cambree did NOT want a picture taken with her. She was being weird and running away. So this was all we got!

My sister, Tiffany, came the next night and Shawn was able to come. He was on a Scout Campout the first night. We left Sadie at home with a sitter. Best move ever!

I love her lipstick smeared lips. She did them herself backstage. :)
We love the wonderful concerts TDC does. Fancy Nancy is this summer. Should be great!

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