Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm of June 18th :)

Yup. I'm definitely in my 30's now. It's crazy that I'm not the same age as college kids anymore. I need to come to that realization!
Anyway, we didn't do a whole lot for my birthday since I got to go to U2 for my birthday. We have the Pass of all Passes and decided to go to Trafalga. We did mini golf which was pretty hard to play by the rules with the kids, so we just did our best hitting it in the hole. Shawn took the girls on the Go Kart (No prego woman allowed). Cambree loved it. Brinley looked scared but said she wasn't.
This was Sadie's way of golfing. I was happy she stayed in her stroller!
She finally got to get out of her stroller and ride the carousal. Her favorite! She's also getting really good at saying "cheese" and smiling at the camera. I love it!
The girls cooled off in the water boats. I love this picture of Cambree shielding herself from the water. She was getting mad that she was getting wet. What do you expect?
I love that they have a playland for Sadie. She spends quite a bit of time in there and I get to relax. It's great!

Notice how it was my birthday but I'm not in one picture at Trafalga? How does that happen? I really was there and it was my birthday. I need to be better at making Shawn take the pictures!
Shawn and I went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant and then came home for cake and presents with the girls. Shawn bought me the best birthday cake-cheesecake! I was in heaven! was Sadie. :)


tracie said...

We never did anything for your bday. This weekend we need to sing to you.

esperanza said...

Happy happy happy birthday to you! Look how much you have - that beautiful family! p.s. That Trafalga is fun, I went there on a blind date a week ago. :)