Friday, July 8, 2011

Bear River Cabin

We sure started out the summer right by going with some friends to Bear River Cabins by Evanston, WY. We had a Groupon for a 2 night stay and ATV rental. It was a blast! We got up there on Thursday evening. We just settled in and the kids went swimming. There was still a little bit of snow on the ground so I didn't think we'd even go swimming and didn't bring swimsuits. Turns out the pool was getting maintenanced anyway so the kids swam in the big hot tub and my girls swam in their clothes. :) Nicole was in charge of dinner that night and we had hot dogs and hamburgers. Then, we took a hike down by the fish pond and river. The river was way too high to do any fishing. Jeff was sad about that.
I don't know what I was thinking wanting a family picture with no makeup and the girls in their pj's.
Easton and Sadie...the two cute toddlers. It was hard getting them both in a picture!
The next day we woke up with ants all over our room! Sadie was in our room sleeping in the Pack-n-Play right where the ants were coming in! She had ants on her jammies but luckily none inside and no bites. Who knows when they started coming in? So we called maintenance and they sprayed and set up traps. After that, we didn't have a problem. But it sure gave the girls a scare and something to dramatize about...especially Cambree.
Then it was time to get the four wheelers!! The girls have never been on one before. For that matter, Shawn has never been on one before! And I haven't ridden one since my cousin had a fatal accident over 10 years ago on one. So it was new for all of us. Shawn brought Sadie on the four wheeler from the pickup place to our cabin and she cried the whole way. She attracted quite a bit of attention with her screaming and wailing. I wish I got footage of it. She was terrified! At least we knew we wouldn't have to worry about her wanting a ride. Shawn took Brinley out first and then Cambree. Then I went out with Shawn so I knew were the trails were and I wouldn't get lost. There are tons of trails and bridges to go on and explore. It was way fun!

Sadie was finally ok to just sit on one.

Then we went on a little family ride. Later Nicole and Jeff took their girls out. Shawn was determined to find the lake. But after searching for a long time we finally found it and the trail was completely flooded. Dang!
I'm sure you all are thinking I was crazy for riding a four wheeler 5 months pregnant. I didn't know if I should or shouldn't but it was hard to pass it up! During the long ride, I did get really sore and was in pain for the last part of it but I was fine when I got off and everything is still fine with the baby. :)

The girls found a fort that somebody built and had a blast playing in it until dinner time. There were chairs and a little stick jutting out for their pet parrot. :)  We made dinner that night and had marinated chicken and corn on the grill. Yumm. The kids went swimming again...I had a nice, hot bath in the big jetted tub. :) Then the kids went to bed while the adults watched a movie. Halfway through the movie, Brooklyn threw up and kept it up all night. I felt bad for Nicole and Jeff. They got no sleep. But we had to pack up the next morning and go home. Luckily, no one else got sick.


Tawnie said...

Looks like tons of fun. I ride 4 wheeler while prego and everything is okay. I just try to stay off the super bumpy trails and super long rides (like hours at a time). I am glad you went on a such a fun trip.

esperanza said...

Looks like a really fun trip! :) I'm still scared of 4-wheelers....

Angie said...

I just caught up on your looks like things have been busy! I can't wait to see you soon!

nicole said...

What an adventure!! that was so fun! love that great pictures:)