Sunday, July 31, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Still playing catch-up!
We had a great time the whole weekend of the 4th of July with Shawn's family. Everyone was in town from Vegas and Cali! We started it off with going to the Stadium of Fire! I haven't been since I was in it and that was in High School. I was one of those cute, patriotic dancers. :) Anyway, Barbara and Larry bought us all tickets and we were excited to go. Right off, the parachuters come down into the stadium. The one wearing the flag actually crash-landed, so that was pretty exciting. No one looked hurt. :) Then, there were some patriotic songs and performances. After that, David Archuleta performed. My cute teeny-bopper nieces were totally singing every word to his songs. It was great! His songs are good and his voice is good but he's just too sweet to be a good performer. Does that make sense? The main event was Brad Paisley. Unfortunately I didn't know a word to any of his songs. I'm really not into country but I thought I might know maybe a song or two. Nope. So it was a little boring for me. He is a REALLY good guitar player and my nephew was freaking out about that. It was pretty funny. The fireworks show is where it's at! The loud booms and fireworks are just amazing! The traffic was also pretty amazing in a bad way. We didn't get home until 12:30...1 1/2 hours. My sister babysat Sadie and I was felt bad we got home so late.
It was HOT! That's my motto this summer. But at least our seats were in the shade.
I was one of those dancers o so long ago!
There's little David Archuleta.
I didn't have my good camera but this was a pretty fun one of the fireworks show.
Monday for the 4th, we went swimming at Shawn's brother's or at his parents' pool. I can't remember cuz we went both places that weekend. Then, we headed out to Payson to Bryce & Jody's place for a BBQ and fireworks. Sadie was into the Cheetos all night. I decided not to fight her on it and she was just going to be all orange and gross. Dang Cheetos. We BBQ and ate just in time for the rain to start. So we moved it indoors and just hung out and talked until it got dark. Luckily, the rain stopped just as it was getting dark. We had a few aerials and some other good fireworks. My nephew, Casey, HATES loud noises and was wearing big headphones to block out the sound. One of the fireworks just blew up instead of going off. It made a loud boom with shrapnel flying at us. Kinda cool. Kinda scary especially with all the stories on the news about injuries and fires. Yikes.
Victoria and Sadie...both very astonished and amazed.
Cute girls.
Shawn apparently needed a chair. Any chair.
All the girls!!
The boys.
Then, we had ice cream. I didn't want Sadie to have a cone, so I gave her ice cream in a cup. She screamed about it and wanted a cone. So I gave her a cone with vanilla ice cream. She screamed about it again. Jody figured out that she wanted mint ice cream in a pink cone. Then she was happy. Oh boy. She's almost 2 and we can sure tell!
Shawn's brother from Vegas had to leave the next day, but his sisters family from Cali was able to stay for a few more days. So we went to Trafalga on one day with them. Another day, we had them over for dinner and then we got my niece to babysit and we got to go to a movie. We never get to see movies! We saw Super 8. I had no idea what it was about and was pleasantly surprised. The kids and their humor reminded me of Sandlot. Good suspense too.
The next night we had everybody (well just the adults) over for dinner and games. Always a good time when games and Moe are involved.

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