Sunday, July 31, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Still playing catch-up!
We had a great time the whole weekend of the 4th of July with Shawn's family. Everyone was in town from Vegas and Cali! We started it off with going to the Stadium of Fire! I haven't been since I was in it and that was in High School. I was one of those cute, patriotic dancers. :) Anyway, Barbara and Larry bought us all tickets and we were excited to go. Right off, the parachuters come down into the stadium. The one wearing the flag actually crash-landed, so that was pretty exciting. No one looked hurt. :) Then, there were some patriotic songs and performances. After that, David Archuleta performed. My cute teeny-bopper nieces were totally singing every word to his songs. It was great! His songs are good and his voice is good but he's just too sweet to be a good performer. Does that make sense? The main event was Brad Paisley. Unfortunately I didn't know a word to any of his songs. I'm really not into country but I thought I might know maybe a song or two. Nope. So it was a little boring for me. He is a REALLY good guitar player and my nephew was freaking out about that. It was pretty funny. The fireworks show is where it's at! The loud booms and fireworks are just amazing! The traffic was also pretty amazing in a bad way. We didn't get home until 12:30...1 1/2 hours. My sister babysat Sadie and I was felt bad we got home so late.
It was HOT! That's my motto this summer. But at least our seats were in the shade.
I was one of those dancers o so long ago!
There's little David Archuleta.
I didn't have my good camera but this was a pretty fun one of the fireworks show.
Monday for the 4th, we went swimming at Shawn's brother's or at his parents' pool. I can't remember cuz we went both places that weekend. Then, we headed out to Payson to Bryce & Jody's place for a BBQ and fireworks. Sadie was into the Cheetos all night. I decided not to fight her on it and she was just going to be all orange and gross. Dang Cheetos. We BBQ and ate just in time for the rain to start. So we moved it indoors and just hung out and talked until it got dark. Luckily, the rain stopped just as it was getting dark. We had a few aerials and some other good fireworks. My nephew, Casey, HATES loud noises and was wearing big headphones to block out the sound. One of the fireworks just blew up instead of going off. It made a loud boom with shrapnel flying at us. Kinda cool. Kinda scary especially with all the stories on the news about injuries and fires. Yikes.
Victoria and Sadie...both very astonished and amazed.
Cute girls.
Shawn apparently needed a chair. Any chair.
All the girls!!
The boys.
Then, we had ice cream. I didn't want Sadie to have a cone, so I gave her ice cream in a cup. She screamed about it and wanted a cone. So I gave her a cone with vanilla ice cream. She screamed about it again. Jody figured out that she wanted mint ice cream in a pink cone. Then she was happy. Oh boy. She's almost 2 and we can sure tell!
Shawn's brother from Vegas had to leave the next day, but his sisters family from Cali was able to stay for a few more days. So we went to Trafalga on one day with them. Another day, we had them over for dinner and then we got my niece to babysit and we got to go to a movie. We never get to see movies! We saw Super 8. I had no idea what it was about and was pleasantly surprised. The kids and their humor reminded me of Sandlot. Good suspense too.
The next night we had everybody (well just the adults) over for dinner and games. Always a good time when games and Moe are involved.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two in Less than a Year?

Two, what you might ask? Two broken arms...Cambree got one last fall and now Sadie has a broken arm. Yup. Sadie. Poor baby. We were at the park and Cambree (or Brinley...they both blame each other) put her on a big spin toy. I looked and saw Cambree sitting behind Sadie and holding her on it so I thought that was safe. But I looked away and Sadie was brought to me crying. They said the toy was hot and that her legs were hurting. They looked fine, but she wouldn't stop crying. Finally, we left and the girls told me she fell off. That's a different story. Then, I was worried about a concussion. When we got home I noticed that every time I picked her up she'd scream so something was definitely wrong. I asked her where it hurt and she pointed to her arm, but I wasn't sure how much she understood me. I scheduled an appointment to see the Doctor in an hour and during that time she would cry/scream every 10 minutes. I felt so bad! So we get to the doctor and he says it's broken right above the elbow, after a lot of twisting and screaming. They give her a sling and he tells me they can't cast it because it would have to be a whole body cast. Not good news. But we need to go to the hospital to make sure it's broken. Of course it had to be down-pouring rain and we're soaked and Sadie is screaming the whole time.
We wait and wait some more to be seen by the radiologist. More screaming as they try to get a good picture of her arm. Then, we wait for a call from the doctor. He happens to be at the hospital and comes in to see us. Definitely broken like he thought and there's not a whole lot he can do. He gives her a pain prescription and sends us home...still no better than before. And it will be a month before it's all healed. There goes the summer.
Sleeping I knew would be awful and it was. She woke up every hour in pain, even after the medication. I'm so not ready for a newborn waking me up all hours of the night! Today has been a little better. She's definitely whiny (I would be too!) and I don't know what she wants most of the time since she still doesn't talk so well. So that's rough. We go back to the doctor to check up on her on Friday. I hope we can get a soft cast or a bandage or something to keep it more stable. It just doesn't seem like it will heal right...but what do I know?
Anyway, here are the sad, break-your-heart pictures from when we got home from the hospital. She's been watching a lot of TV. It takes her mind off the pain. Poor baby.

So sad with the tear and those big, sad eyes. :(
In other news...I DON'T have gestational diabetes! I had to take a 3 hour long, no food, 4 blood draw test to determine that. My first glucose test came back a little high, so I had to do the 3 hour test. So not fun. I thought I was going to pass out. But I'm so happy that I don't have it. That would be rough.
Also, Shawn got a new job...still at the University of Utah but now working with athletes in Financial Aid. So it's right up his alley and he's excited. He will be so good at it. So there's the silver lining, folks. :)
This post is a little out-of-order since this happened yesterday and I still need to blog about the 4th of July. That will come...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Oh swimming lessons. It's a love/hate relationship. I love how my girls are swimming now and I don't really have to worry about them. I love going with our friends so I have someone to hang out with during that time. I hate that it's two long weeks every day...and sometimes it can be cold! Weird!
This year, I did the mom and me class with Sadie. She loves water too much and I knew I'd just be fighting her everyday to not get in the water. I talked my friend into doing it too. Sadie like it about 1/2 the time. She didn't understand what I was trying to get her to do so she's fight and scream. Her favorite thing was jumping off the edge into my arms. By the end, she also loved blowing bubbles and having me hold her on her belly in the water. Going down the big slide was a favorite too. It's just too bad I'm too tired and pregnant to do it too many times. :) That's a lot of "toos". Trying to get her on her back was a whole different story!
Brinley is my little fish and learned some new strokes like the butterfly, breast stroke, side stroke, and front/back crawl. I like what the teachers write about them. Here's what hers said, "Brinley has a great elementary backstroke. She is very good at swimming on her back. She needs to work on her front crawl side breathing." She didn't pass this level which she was devastated about. I think it's a hard level and she did great!
Cambree did awful last year because she had a boy teacher. Really?? Yup. She hardly wanted to get in the water last year because it was a boy. Luckily, this year she got a girl teacher. She did everything she said and passed the level! Here's what her teacher said, "Cambree! Wow! You were so much fun to have in my class! I can't believe how good you are at all our floats and your kicks look amazing! Make sure you keep those toes pointed and you bring your ice cream scoops up over your head! Keep swimming! :)"
They were lucky to be able to swim with their friends. Cute girls! Glad it's over!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Activities-June

Summer is flying by! We've done so many fun things already. Most of them out in the sun and in the water. We bought a Pass of all Passes so we've gone to Seven Peaks and to Trafalga a lot. We've also been to the 2 Splash Parks close to where we live and Swim lessons...but that will be another post. :)
This was the best I could get of Sadie at Seven Peaks...the girls were too busy playing!

Trafalga in Lehi is so much fun for the girls. They love the rides, rock climbing, but most of all, they LOVE Laser Tag! I was surprised that Cambree was even brave enough to go. A friend watched Sadie for me so I could take Cambree. They have a training video before going in and she kept saying she was scared but I assured her it was all pretend. She was brave until we went to get the guns and vests on. She almost backed out but I said I would be with her the whole time. She warmed up quickly and had a blast! Now she goes all the time without me. They love it!

Another thing this summer was the city parade. Cambree actually got to be in it this year with her dance group. But when they passed, my friend gave me her camera to take a picture and I totally missed taking one of Cambree. So this is her after and she wasn't too happy.

They had a cool setup with the fire trucks and the flag.
Of course Cosmo was there! Love that!
That evening, they have a REALLY great fireworks show for such a small town. We watched with neighbors and had a great time. Sadie loved it.
Oh, and I must not forget that for one whole week Shawn was gone at Scout Camp. I did REALLY good all week and we kept busy but by Thursday I was D-O-N-E!! I don't know how single moms do it. It was kind of a bad combination with our AC going out and me and Sadie getting the worst cold ever. What the?? It's summer! It was such a bad cold. So at night I would try to keep cool by having the ceiling fan on and a table fan and spraying water on me...all while trying to breathe through a stuffy nose. I was tired.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm of June 18th :)

Yup. I'm definitely in my 30's now. It's crazy that I'm not the same age as college kids anymore. I need to come to that realization!
Anyway, we didn't do a whole lot for my birthday since I got to go to U2 for my birthday. We have the Pass of all Passes and decided to go to Trafalga. We did mini golf which was pretty hard to play by the rules with the kids, so we just did our best hitting it in the hole. Shawn took the girls on the Go Kart (No prego woman allowed). Cambree loved it. Brinley looked scared but said she wasn't.
This was Sadie's way of golfing. I was happy she stayed in her stroller!
She finally got to get out of her stroller and ride the carousal. Her favorite! She's also getting really good at saying "cheese" and smiling at the camera. I love it!
The girls cooled off in the water boats. I love this picture of Cambree shielding herself from the water. She was getting mad that she was getting wet. What do you expect?
I love that they have a playland for Sadie. She spends quite a bit of time in there and I get to relax. It's great!

Notice how it was my birthday but I'm not in one picture at Trafalga? How does that happen? I really was there and it was my birthday. I need to be better at making Shawn take the pictures!
Shawn and I went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant and then came home for cake and presents with the girls. Shawn bought me the best birthday cake-cheesecake! I was in heaven! was Sadie. :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Bear River Cabin

We sure started out the summer right by going with some friends to Bear River Cabins by Evanston, WY. We had a Groupon for a 2 night stay and ATV rental. It was a blast! We got up there on Thursday evening. We just settled in and the kids went swimming. There was still a little bit of snow on the ground so I didn't think we'd even go swimming and didn't bring swimsuits. Turns out the pool was getting maintenanced anyway so the kids swam in the big hot tub and my girls swam in their clothes. :) Nicole was in charge of dinner that night and we had hot dogs and hamburgers. Then, we took a hike down by the fish pond and river. The river was way too high to do any fishing. Jeff was sad about that.
I don't know what I was thinking wanting a family picture with no makeup and the girls in their pj's.
Easton and Sadie...the two cute toddlers. It was hard getting them both in a picture!
The next day we woke up with ants all over our room! Sadie was in our room sleeping in the Pack-n-Play right where the ants were coming in! She had ants on her jammies but luckily none inside and no bites. Who knows when they started coming in? So we called maintenance and they sprayed and set up traps. After that, we didn't have a problem. But it sure gave the girls a scare and something to dramatize about...especially Cambree.
Then it was time to get the four wheelers!! The girls have never been on one before. For that matter, Shawn has never been on one before! And I haven't ridden one since my cousin had a fatal accident over 10 years ago on one. So it was new for all of us. Shawn brought Sadie on the four wheeler from the pickup place to our cabin and she cried the whole way. She attracted quite a bit of attention with her screaming and wailing. I wish I got footage of it. She was terrified! At least we knew we wouldn't have to worry about her wanting a ride. Shawn took Brinley out first and then Cambree. Then I went out with Shawn so I knew were the trails were and I wouldn't get lost. There are tons of trails and bridges to go on and explore. It was way fun!

Sadie was finally ok to just sit on one.

Then we went on a little family ride. Later Nicole and Jeff took their girls out. Shawn was determined to find the lake. But after searching for a long time we finally found it and the trail was completely flooded. Dang!
I'm sure you all are thinking I was crazy for riding a four wheeler 5 months pregnant. I didn't know if I should or shouldn't but it was hard to pass it up! During the long ride, I did get really sore and was in pain for the last part of it but I was fine when I got off and everything is still fine with the baby. :)

The girls found a fort that somebody built and had a blast playing in it until dinner time. There were chairs and a little stick jutting out for their pet parrot. :)  We made dinner that night and had marinated chicken and corn on the grill. Yumm. The kids went swimming again...I had a nice, hot bath in the big jetted tub. :) Then the kids went to bed while the adults watched a movie. Halfway through the movie, Brooklyn threw up and kept it up all night. I felt bad for Nicole and Jeff. They got no sleep. But we had to pack up the next morning and go home. Luckily, no one else got sick.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Spring Dance Concert

Summer has been SO busy for some reason! And it's already 1/2 over! I'm about a month behind with blogging!
Oh well. Around the first of June, Cambree had her dance concert. The concert idea is from the book All the World. I did the posters and the programs this time since we trade for dance so I was excited about that and she trusted me! I think they turned out great!

Cambree was so excited, of course, to get to dance in front of everybody...and getting to wear makeup is definitely a plus!

Here she is in her Tomato Spy outfit. She made the cutest faces during her dance.
 Her other dance was a fire/teddy bear dance. She was fire and was so cute!

The Finale!

Grandma came the first night and for some reason, Cambree did NOT want a picture taken with her. She was being weird and running away. So this was all we got!

My sister, Tiffany, came the next night and Shawn was able to come. He was on a Scout Campout the first night. We left Sadie at home with a sitter. Best move ever!

I love her lipstick smeared lips. She did them herself backstage. :)
We love the wonderful concerts TDC does. Fancy Nancy is this summer. Should be great!