Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vegas Baby!

Since our Vegas plans got deterred during our Spring Break (my sister got married), we still needed a vacation! So we went to Vegas to visit Shawn's brother and his family for Memorial Day weekend (yes, I'm back-tracking a little). They have a pool and I was just ready for some warm weather!
Last minute, Shawn's parents decided to come with us and follow in their car. Let's just say it was an interesting drive! We arrived late Friday night but the kids were DYING to swim so we let them night swim for a little bit with their cousins. They were in heaven! Saturday, we swam all morning and just were nice. The weather was in the 90's and perfect. That night, Val & Sarah had free tickets to see The Vegas Show at Planet Hollywood casino. I've never been there before and it was interesting maneuvering around Vegas since it was a holiday weekend. We wanted to have dinner at the Rio buffet (Shawn absolutely LOVES this buffet), but the line was too long and we were going to miss the show. So we got out of line and booked it to the casino. Traffic was terrible and so was the parking, so we didn't even get a chance to have dinner before the show. Luckily, I had some granola bars in my purse! Before the show, they have you sit in a lounge and order drinks that you can take with you to the show. Kind of a different atmosphere for us Utahans. The show was good with great singing and dancing and acting. It was about the history of Vegas. THEN, we got some dinner! I was starving!
Here we are in front of Planet Hollywood. We kinda hogged the frame...Oops! And I would say Shawn and Val look the least like siblings...just maybe the blue eyes.
When we got home, Barbara babysat all the kids (she's so wonderful!). They all had pie and I guess none of them wanted to finish eating their pie. So she labeled all the plates and put a bowl over them for safe-keeping. I just had to take a pictures cuz it's just the thing she would do!
Sunday we went to church and then came home for a yummy BBQ dinner. The weather actually turned kind of cold (70's) and windy so the kids couldn't swim. We have never seen the old Vegas strip so we went down to Freemont street for a little walk. They have a mile long TV screen covering the sidewalk. It was pretty neat!
Here's the girls watching the TV above!

Here's the group! It was pretty crowded so it was hard maneuvering us all around there!
Now that is some MAJOR BLING!
Monday, the kids wanted to swim one last time and the weather was back to beautiful. Sadie kept walking around and falling in the pool last time we swam and I wasn't swimming this day so she didn't get to go sad!
Sarah and I hit the mall cuz Gymboree was having a great sale and I had a GREAT coupon. I got lots of great boy stuff! I'm so excited!
Val & Sarah always know how to entertain! We always have the best time there and always do tons of fun stuff. Our kids love hanging with their cousins too and can't wait to go back!


J and Company said...

I'm a meanie, but that picture of Sadie crying made me laugh lol. Looks like a great little getaway before baby boy arrives. And Gymboree is my favorite splurge for clothes. Their stuff is just such high quality. I especially love their gymmies, which I don't know if they make them anymore, but I buy them on ebay for Grant because I love them so much!

tracie said...

I have to agree the one of Sadie is pretty funny. Glad you had a good time.

Darci said...

We were swimming on Memorial Day weekend also! Next time you will have to stop by. I still haven't been down to Freemont Street ever. Need to do that. said...

Fun, fun! Glad you made it down. I can't believe Brinley is 8. That is crazy! How sweet. She looks beautiful.
Happy happy Birthday yesterday! I was thinking of you and was planning on calling...sorry. But I hope youhad a great day. How r you feeling?