Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sadie-22 Months

I feel like Sadie is growing up way too fast and I'm not doing a great job documenting all her milestones (or taking pictures!)...even if they are few and far between for now. But since she's gotten tubes in her ears, I feel like she's understanding me better and talking a little more. Even just this week, she's actually trying to say things that we tell her to say. She used to just tell us stuff in her own jibberish language, but now I can tell that she actually tries to copy us. So here are some of the words she's saying: Da-Da (this goes for dog and mommy. She used to know how to say mommy but not anymore!), ball, bear, ba-ba (for bottle and bye-bye), Jesus, nose, eyes, no, and oh no! I love it when she says this cuz she says it with a pouty-face. She will also fold her arms and say a prayer in her own language too. Still not a big vocabulary for her age, but at least she's improving. I am looking into maybe finding some help for her, but just this week she's improved a lot so we'll see! I'm really not too worried.

She still screams a lot to tell us what she wants and doesn't want (especially when Cambree is near) and doesn't quite understand everything I need her to at swim lessons this week. We're in a mom and me class and it's screaming about 1/2 the time.
Physically, she is all there. She walks down the stairs...sometimes without holding onto the wall which freaks me out. She climbs on chairs and tables...luckily she hasn't climbed out of her crib! Throws and kicks balls and rides her trike.
And here's that great hair of hers! I put it in a pony only stayed about 1/2 the day.

Can't wait for what's in store within the next few months! I'm sure she'll be talking up a storm!


Kris said...

It's crazy how different each kid is. My 2 1/2 year is way advanced with her talking and vocabulary, but behind her peers when it comes to gross motor skills. She's such a cutie and I'm sure she'll be talking a ton soon.

Helen Macfarlane said...

Did you know she said my name at the pool the other day? You said "There's Helen." And she said "Hewan." Yup. I'm proud.