Thursday, June 2, 2011

Preschool Field Trip

The Zoo Field Trip got postponed because of the rainy weather we've been having for a week. Try telling that to a 5 year old. It was hard for Cambree to wait but it was worth it! The weather was perfect. We went around with Cambree's friends (and my friends) so it was really fun! I brought Sadie along because I thought she'd love looking at all the animals. I was right! She was in awe...until it was nap time. Then she screamed in line for the Train ride and when we got off the train. A nice lady was prepared with Smarties. She was good for a little bit because of those. Then, she did not want to be in her stroller anymore. It was time to go!
 Sadie wasn't so sure about the carousal ride at first, but when it started she was a fan! For that matter, Cambree wasn't a fan either. She wanted to sit on one that didn't move until I finally convinced her otherwise.
Sorry for the belly shot. She was squirmy!
The dinosaurs were the new thing at the zoo. I guess mixing prehistoric with living works.

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Fun fun! I just read that you are having a boy!! That's so exciting! I am thrilled for you guys.