Monday, June 20, 2011

May Outings...

Summer is in full swing and things are getting busy! The girls (myself included in a class with Sadie) are in swim lessons the next two weeks so that just makes things crazier.
Anyway, I need to play catch-up. I wanted to post the few fun things we did in May before I get on with Summer.
My brother works for a computer company that has a big gym and a theater you can reserve for free. I've been telling him for months we want to go there, so he finally scheduled it. Of course, since he scheduled something his kids got sick and only he came. That always happens to them! It was my family, my sister, and some of my SIL's family. The kids had fun running around, but their favorite thing was the rope swing. We had pizza and Shawn and I played ping-pong...where I'm sure I kicked his trash ;). Then, we went to the theater to watch Tangled. It was a GREAT theater! It was nice to just let Sadie run around and not worry too much about disrupting people. It was a good night!
Shawn even tried it but I missed the shot of him in the air. I asked him to do it again, but he declined...he's to weak. ;)
He'll also love this one of him on the court. He was in heaven running, kicking, and shooting.
And, sweet Sadie stuck in the tire. :)
Earlier in the month, (oops! I guess it was in April...the date is right on the picture) we went to Bountiful for my cousin's wedding reception. It was snowing!! Ugh. The best thing was they had a photo booth. We had some fun with that!
Finally, it was the end of soccer season...which is always kind of nice. I missed a lot of games since most of my shoots are on Saturday mornings. We had to do a lot of juggling since Shawn had some scout camps too Saturday mornings.
Poor Brinley. This was the last game of the season and she was SO close to making a goal at the beginning of the game. So I told her if she made a goal, I would buy her a Happy Meal. So she tried and didn't ever do it. So she was SUPER sad. Oops. She had a lot of fun though and wants to do it next year.
Cambree, on the other hand, wants to take a break from soccer. That's fine with me! She needs to get a little older and not so scared to take the ball away...which is funny cuz she has no problem taking other things away from people. ;)
One last bit of exciting news, I've been submitting a few photos to the website. They picked one of my photos! It's the Photo of the Week this week! It's quite an honor. Here is the link:
The picture is also on their Desktop Wallpaper page. It's always feel free to put it as your wallpaper!


jamie @ kreyv said...

That picture is beautiful. I love it!

Helen Macfarlane said...

Congratulations!! That's awesome Missy.

J and Company said...

So awesome about them picking your picture! It is gorgeous (of course!) I also liked the photobooth pictures, cute and funny. Your brother's job sounds awesome, I want some cool perks like that!
Bytheway, I need your address, I want to send you some of Grant's things that are super adorable and practically still new for your little guy!