Sunday, June 5, 2011

Brinley Baptized??

I seriously can't believe I have an 8 Year Old already! Where did that come from? I remember when she was born and I talked about her being 8 and getting baptized. It seemed so far away. But it came and went! And now she's a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I'm so proud of her and her decision to be baptized. She had her interview with the bishop and answered all the questions confidently without me prodding her in any way.
Her baptism day was so special. It was on her birthday! She also had 6 other friends getting baptized that same day! They had to split it up into 2 sessions. We had 5 girls in our session and they all sang a baptism song. It was beautiful.
The program was short and sweet and her baptism went well. She had a little trouble getting up the stairs but it might've been because she couldn't see so well without her glasses. :) Shawn also did the confirmation which was also very touching. Lots of family came. We are so blessed to have such supportive families.
Her friend was also getting baptized soon so we did their pictures at the same time. I love this one!

Brinley is one smart girl and I admire the way she always wants to choose the right. She also continues to ask millions of questions and retains a lot of what she learns. She is a curious one! Brinley loves to talk...I'm pretty sure she gets that from her Grandma Hancock. They could talk for hours on the phone with each other. :) She still loves projects, but I think her favorite thing now is music. She loves having the music on and singing (LOUD) to all the words, especially while she "cleans" her room. ;) People have commented on her good voice so I think we'll need to get her in lessons or something sometime. She really enjoys it. In fact, for her birthday party she had a Rock Star theme. That will be another post. :)
We have a special, beautiful, and talented girl that chose our family. We are so blessed.
And I'm also pretty proud of the 8 baptism cake we made for the luncheon afterward. I stole the idea from my neighbor, baked the cakes and Shawn executed it. Definitely not as good as hers but not too bad!


Katie said...

congrats to Brinley! I love her pictures. Where did you take them?

Helen Macfarlane said...

I'm jealous of those beautiful baptism pictures!! The one with the two girls in the field!!! Love it!

Missy said...

Thanks guys! I took them in a gully off a dirt road. A senior that I just did her pictures showed it to me. It's a great spot and close to me!

Tooele Brezoff said...

missy, She is beautiful! I love all the photos! Just wait till she is 13!!! I feel so old!

John & Jennifer Savage said...

I love the pictures just like everyone else of course! Okay, here is my question for you, how do your girls always seem to have the most amazing hairstyles when you do their photoshoots?? Are you some sort of secret professional?
I seriously can't believe she is old enough to be baptized. I was her Sunbeam (or was it CTR A?) teacher! Oh man, the kids are growing up.

esperanza said...

Congrats to you and your beautiful daughter! ANd that cake is cool.