Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I wanted to just post some random pictures that I thought were cute/funny and mostly of Cambree. Huh.
Cambree went to a Superhero party...she still had pink on her face the next day at church. I love it!
Sometimes they DO NOT get along AT ALL. But other times, they just love on each other. This was just precious with Sadie's arm around Cambree. {Sigh}
It was Parent Week at dance. It was fun watching Cambree. She knew alot of what came next in the warm-ups and the dance, but other times she got trampled or scolded for not listening. Her teacher said this is the most she's ever said in class. Good thing I'm not there every week! Ballet at the bar was also interesting. She needs to listen! Story of my life!
 And these are just Cambree. She insisted I take a picture of her. Love this girl.

So you know how I told ya that Sadie is going to be in the May issue of Utah Valley Magazine. Here it is:
http://uvmag.com/mayjune11/83.html She's on page 85. It's the picture I took of her 1 Year Old Birthday. So it's a little old, but it's her! Fun stuff!
And for those of you that are even interested about the ultrasound status...Shawn can come!!! I'm SO glad! Nothing like having your hubby there, even though so many of you offered to come. Thanks! I just told him to at least ask his boss. He could even tell her it was me begging him to ask. He felt like a hypocrite but he did it. So May 18th! Mark your calendars!


J and Company said...

I'm SO glad Shawn is going with you, it just isn't the same without your hubby there! I am so excited for yu and can't wait to find out if I should start looking for pink or blue stuff to send you :)

Brynn said...

Oh my word! That last picture is that same pose and face that Marlie does! They could be twins.
Glad Shawn can go. Boy vibes sent your way!

Helen Macfarlane said...

I love the picture of Sadie's chubby little arm around Cambree. SO CUTE.