Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Muffins for Moms

I had a great Mother's Day with my family over for dinner to celebrate my mom (and I guess me too). Shawn headed the whole thing up (like he always does) getting all the men involved in the cooking. We had some yummy Hawaiian burgers. All I wanted for Mother's Day was a clean house. With my back being so bad, that has definitely been put on the back-burner. We had a busy day on Saturday so the house probably got 1/2 done. :)
Brinley had a program called Muffins for Moms on Friday. It started the whole weekend off to a wonderful start. They recited poems and sang songs about mothers. "Angels Among Us" almost made me cry. It was so sweet! Afterward, they brought us a cute flower they made and we went to their classrooms for some muffins and a little game. It was so sweet and fun to be with just Brinley for a while. She's a sweetheart.
I may for may not have touched up my shiny face. ;)
She gave me a cute book all about me and drew this picture of me. I guess I only look good when I go out. :)
I'm REALLY feeling pregnant now. I've all the sudden popped out and the nice neighbor boy told me I had a big belly. So it must be true. My cousin, referred me to a Prenatal Yoga DVD. I just got it on Monday and have done 1/2 of it twice. I can already tell a difference! It really is a miracle! I might not have to go to the chiropractor every week now, but I also might have to clean my house. ;) Thanks, Darci!!!


J and Company said...

I got a good laugh about the date night thing, I know for a fact that is the only time I look decent! I can't believe how big Brinley is getting. And I am sorry about the back woes, I had that during both pregnancies and it is the worst. Hope you feel better soon!

tracie said...

I think you look pretty all the time!!!

Darci said...

I'm so glad the yoga dvd is helping! I really liked it also. I didn't start doing it until the last month or so of my pregnancy and wish I had started sooner!

esperanza said...

That picture she drew of you is darling! :)