Friday, May 27, 2011

U2=Concert of a Lifetime!

Thanks for all the comments. I'm still trying to get used to the idea of thinking about having a boy. But we are all excited!
This week has been pretty crazy and I have some catching up to do, BUT I HAVE to blog about the U2 concert first!! I had just told Shawn probably last week that U2 would be THE concert to go to and that just maybe this tour would be their last. They're getting old! Going to their concert has been on my Bucket List and I just wished I could go. Well, Monday night Shawn surprised me with tickets!! He was able to get them from a girl at work that wanted better tickets and needed to sell these ones. Woot! Woot! So he brought them home and absentmindedly dropped them in the sink since he was putting his lunch dishes in the sink and the girls were jumping all over him welcoming him home from work. :) I got up from dinner and noticed some tickets in the sink. I asked what the tickets were and then saw "U2" on them and just screamed and cried! I blame the crying on the pregnancy hormones. :) Shawn was confused cuz he thought he left them in the car. He wanted to give me a card and video tape me and everything...but it didn't work out that way. He said it was an early birthday present which I gladly accepted. The other crazy thing was it was the next night! Whew!
So the next day, I was anxious and actually got sick to my stomach. So I took it really easy and napped and felt OK while driving up to SL to meet Shawn. I took Trax up to the U Campus, met Shawn and then we had dinner. Thankfully, my stomach was calming down and I was feeling better. We got to the stadium early and just took pictures and walked around. I was worried about the weather, but it turned out pretty perfect. The stage was a-mazing!!! It's the 360 tour so they performed on all sides. Lights were going on and off all over, the big screen stretched down at one point. It was REALLY amazing. I'm so happy I got to go! Check that one off of things to do before I die!

We took 3 pictures. All of them Shawn's eyes were 1/2 closed. He gets it from his mom. :)
I had to get a little closer. Too bad we didn't have General Admission tickets although I don't think I could stand that long. My belly is getting BIG!
The Fray opened for U2. They were SO GREAT live!
This is where the screen stretched down and went crazy with lights.
 Here's "It's a Beautiful Day". Love it!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


...yes, we had the ultrasound yesterday! I was really nervous for some reason. Of course, I was just hoping the baby would be healthy. But then I was just thinking all day about what my reaction would be pertaining to the gender. I thought maybe the baby wouldn't be in a good enough position to tell. But it was! Here's Shawn's reaction. Kinda hard to tell if he's excited/happy/or just trying to hold back the tears. Yeah, this man does not show emotion well.
Anyway, it's a..........................

I still can't believe it! Things are going to be so different. I'm so ready for that. Shawn said he could tell by the ultrasound that it was a boy before the technician said it. I asked her if she was positive and she said for sure!
When we found out, Brinley said she wanted to scream. Last time she wanted to cry. Cambree said, "Jesus wanted us to have a boy." Yes he did. We feel so blessed.
Afterwards, we always celebrate by picking out an outfit for the new baby. So instead of just one like we always do, we picked out 6! We're going to need them too! Oh boy! It was really fun and Shawn actually had a say in what we bought!

Then, we went out to dinner with the 2 older girls. Shawn didn't want to deal with Sadie so we asked my sister to watch her for an hour.

And here's cute Sadie eating her PB&J since she didn't go out with us. :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Muffins for Moms

I had a great Mother's Day with my family over for dinner to celebrate my mom (and I guess me too). Shawn headed the whole thing up (like he always does) getting all the men involved in the cooking. We had some yummy Hawaiian burgers. All I wanted for Mother's Day was a clean house. With my back being so bad, that has definitely been put on the back-burner. We had a busy day on Saturday so the house probably got 1/2 done. :)
Brinley had a program called Muffins for Moms on Friday. It started the whole weekend off to a wonderful start. They recited poems and sang songs about mothers. "Angels Among Us" almost made me cry. It was so sweet! Afterward, they brought us a cute flower they made and we went to their classrooms for some muffins and a little game. It was so sweet and fun to be with just Brinley for a while. She's a sweetheart.
I may for may not have touched up my shiny face. ;)
She gave me a cute book all about me and drew this picture of me. I guess I only look good when I go out. :)
I'm REALLY feeling pregnant now. I've all the sudden popped out and the nice neighbor boy told me I had a big belly. So it must be true. My cousin, referred me to a Prenatal Yoga DVD. I just got it on Monday and have done 1/2 of it twice. I can already tell a difference! It really is a miracle! I might not have to go to the chiropractor every week now, but I also might have to clean my house. ;) Thanks, Darci!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I wanted to just post some random pictures that I thought were cute/funny and mostly of Cambree. Huh.
Cambree went to a Superhero party...she still had pink on her face the next day at church. I love it!
Sometimes they DO NOT get along AT ALL. But other times, they just love on each other. This was just precious with Sadie's arm around Cambree. {Sigh}
It was Parent Week at dance. It was fun watching Cambree. She knew alot of what came next in the warm-ups and the dance, but other times she got trampled or scolded for not listening. Her teacher said this is the most she's ever said in class. Good thing I'm not there every week! Ballet at the bar was also interesting. She needs to listen! Story of my life!
 And these are just Cambree. She insisted I take a picture of her. Love this girl.

So you know how I told ya that Sadie is going to be in the May issue of Utah Valley Magazine. Here it is: She's on page 85. It's the picture I took of her 1 Year Old Birthday. So it's a little old, but it's her! Fun stuff!
And for those of you that are even interested about the ultrasound status...Shawn can come!!! I'm SO glad! Nothing like having your hubby there, even though so many of you offered to come. Thanks! I just told him to at least ask his boss. He could even tell her it was me begging him to ask. He felt like a hypocrite but he did it. So May 18th! Mark your calendars!