Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break and Tiffany's Wedding

For the first time ever, we actually did plan to go somewhere for Spring Break this year (to AZ to visit my sister) but those plans were changed due to my sister's last-minute wedding plans! So, we spent spring break getting ready for the wedding. Monday was hair day. We all got our hair cut and trimmed....oh, and I treated myself to a nice pedicure too. :) Tuesday was appointment day with the doctor. I brought all the kids and guess what? My blood pressure was high! They took it again after I had a chance to catch my breath and it was all good. I also set up a date for the ultrasound in a month only to find out later that Shawn can absolutely, positively not take that day off work. It's one of the few weeks of the year that they are just too busy and it's office policy to not take that day off work. I really don't know if I can stand to wait another week! What would you do? Reschedule or got without him? Oh man....I just don't know.
Anyway, then we went to Tooele for a few days to spend time with my sister from Ohio and to also take my sister's bridal pictures. Yeah, we tried to do them last week but it rained and snowed so we took them the day before her wedding! Yikes! They turned out gorgeous! She even needed me to do her hair. I had no idea what I was doing but she liked it! Whew!

The day of the wedding was picture perfect. It was a little hurried right at the end since I had to get myself, my 3 girls and my sister's hair done! The wedding was nice and everything went smoothly except for a mishap with my camera, but all turned out ok. My mom made my girls' skirts and they looked darling!

It was just too fun to see many old friends and family. I might've chatted a bit too much! David has a beautiful voice and sang a song to Tiff. It was so romantic. :) How fun to do my sister's pictures. That should be the last of my family!! We are so happy to have David in our family. He fits right in since he loves playing games! ;)
I'll be posting more photos when I get them edited. I'm SO behind!!


Helen Macfarlane said...

I love that picture of your girls!! So cute. Lovely photos Missy!

Darci said...

That picture of your girls is adorable. I love it!