Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Time!

Our city always does an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. I swear it's getting bigger and bigger each year. We got there about 10 minutes before it started when the horn went off ACCIDENTALLY! Our side was called back but the kids way on the other side couldn't hear us calling them back. And that was Brinley's age group. So she just went in the group with Cambree. They had fun. Sadie, on the other hand, wouldn't stay put. So right when the buzzer when off, we tried making her pick up the eggs. We showed her what was inside them, but she decided to lay on the ground and throw a tantrum. I only got that footage on video. It's precious. She did like the Easter Bunny though.
On Easter Sunday, the girls woke up and found their baskets. Sadie finally figured out that there is candy in the plastic eggs. Then she was all over that! She'd find eggs everywhere!
Oops! Snotty nose...
After church I like to get a family picture. We're so good...even Shawn and I matched. Sadie was pretty good for the family one even though my camera was on a tripod. I should've stopped there.
(I love our tree!)

But when I wanted to take the girls' picture this is what happened:
 We let her have a little break and Rapunzel and this was the best I got. At least I got a good one at the wedding! Sometimes your own kids are THE WORST!

We had my brother and his family over for a fancy dinner (corndogs...yeah, I didn't want to go to the store late at night or cook). The kids loved it.
Then it was time to hunt for Easter eggs! You'd think with Easter being so late in the year that we could actually hunt outside. Nope. Too cold. So we did it in the basement.
See? Sadie is catching on!

Cute, little Annie chewing on the fake food while all the kids are enjoying the real candy!
Oh, one last thing. Brinley put this up by herself. She found the pictures and everything. The progression of Christ's resurrection (I guess that's what you could call it.) A good reminder of what this holiday is all about...especially since we were all in party-mode...I like her choice of decorations. Yes, it is in the hallway right under their pictures. Sorry for the distraction. :)
Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


niel said...

I want that tangled doll for myself.

I love your girls' skirts and bows. So cute!

Missy said...

Darci I'm hoping that last comment was from you!

esperanza said...

Beautiful family pictures! :) Love the little girls' dresses!

J and Company said...

I so completely agree about your own kids being the hardest to take pictures of without a doubt. Those skirts are adorable bytheway, where did you get them? (and how in the world do you have time to curl everyone's hair? you amaze me, you seriously do)

Missy said...

Jen-My mom made those AMAZING skirts for my sister's wedding! Yup! She's amazing! And I didn't curl EVERYONE'S hair...Sadie's is natural. :)

nicole said...

So so cute missy! I love the family photo! It actually looks like SPRING!!!!!!!