Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Time!

Our city always does an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. I swear it's getting bigger and bigger each year. We got there about 10 minutes before it started when the horn went off ACCIDENTALLY! Our side was called back but the kids way on the other side couldn't hear us calling them back. And that was Brinley's age group. So she just went in the group with Cambree. They had fun. Sadie, on the other hand, wouldn't stay put. So right when the buzzer when off, we tried making her pick up the eggs. We showed her what was inside them, but she decided to lay on the ground and throw a tantrum. I only got that footage on video. It's precious. She did like the Easter Bunny though.
On Easter Sunday, the girls woke up and found their baskets. Sadie finally figured out that there is candy in the plastic eggs. Then she was all over that! She'd find eggs everywhere!
Oops! Snotty nose...
After church I like to get a family picture. We're so good...even Shawn and I matched. Sadie was pretty good for the family one even though my camera was on a tripod. I should've stopped there.
(I love our tree!)

But when I wanted to take the girls' picture this is what happened:
 We let her have a little break and Rapunzel and this was the best I got. At least I got a good one at the wedding! Sometimes your own kids are THE WORST!

We had my brother and his family over for a fancy dinner (corndogs...yeah, I didn't want to go to the store late at night or cook). The kids loved it.
Then it was time to hunt for Easter eggs! You'd think with Easter being so late in the year that we could actually hunt outside. Nope. Too cold. So we did it in the basement.
See? Sadie is catching on!

Cute, little Annie chewing on the fake food while all the kids are enjoying the real candy!
Oh, one last thing. Brinley put this up by herself. She found the pictures and everything. The progression of Christ's resurrection (I guess that's what you could call it.) A good reminder of what this holiday is all about...especially since we were all in party-mode...I like her choice of decorations. Yes, it is in the hallway right under their pictures. Sorry for the distraction. :)
Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

eAsTeR eGGs!

Even though Easter was late this year, I still feel like it snuck up on me. We didn't have a whole lot of festivities going on this year. My mom was in Arizona since my sister just had a baby and Shawn's family didn't get together either so we were on our own for the first time in our married life! So we dyed Easter eggs Saturday afternoon. The girls had a fun time doing tons of eggs all by themselves. They even let me do a few.

Here are their favorite ones. Brinley wanted me to Photoshop the orange stripes on hers to make them darker. She knows too much about that! And, no I didn't do it. Please don't tell her. :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break and Tiffany's Wedding

For the first time ever, we actually did plan to go somewhere for Spring Break this year (to AZ to visit my sister) but those plans were changed due to my sister's last-minute wedding plans! So, we spent spring break getting ready for the wedding. Monday was hair day. We all got our hair cut and trimmed....oh, and I treated myself to a nice pedicure too. :) Tuesday was appointment day with the doctor. I brought all the kids and guess what? My blood pressure was high! They took it again after I had a chance to catch my breath and it was all good. I also set up a date for the ultrasound in a month only to find out later that Shawn can absolutely, positively not take that day off work. It's one of the few weeks of the year that they are just too busy and it's office policy to not take that day off work. I really don't know if I can stand to wait another week! What would you do? Reschedule or got without him? Oh man....I just don't know.
Anyway, then we went to Tooele for a few days to spend time with my sister from Ohio and to also take my sister's bridal pictures. Yeah, we tried to do them last week but it rained and snowed so we took them the day before her wedding! Yikes! They turned out gorgeous! She even needed me to do her hair. I had no idea what I was doing but she liked it! Whew!

The day of the wedding was picture perfect. It was a little hurried right at the end since I had to get myself, my 3 girls and my sister's hair done! The wedding was nice and everything went smoothly except for a mishap with my camera, but all turned out ok. My mom made my girls' skirts and they looked darling!

It was just too fun to see many old friends and family. I might've chatted a bit too much! David has a beautiful voice and sang a song to Tiff. It was so romantic. :) How fun to do my sister's pictures. That should be the last of my family!! We are so happy to have David in our family. He fits right in since he loves playing games! ;)
I'll be posting more photos when I get them edited. I'm SO behind!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Since I'm Playing Catch Up...

This also happened WAY February. But I still want to post it.
My good friend, Tracie, turned 40!! Yeah, totally doesn't look it! So a group from the neighborhood went over to The Chocolate. Yup! It's as good as it sounds. :) We were having a little surprise party for her there. Her husband brought her over and she was surprised! You know how I love a good surprise!
Also in February, I went up to a friend's cabin for a much needed girls weekend. It was fun just talking and eating good food. We also played Just Dance where I kicked everyone's trash! ;)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Field Trips

I can't seem to get caught up on my blog. We'll see if I can do a few posts this week since my back is feeling better. :)
Well, WAY back in January (gasp!), Cambree went on a field trip to the Fire Station. I didn't go this time but she told me how fun it was to see the big trucks and try on the fire gear.
A little more recently (a week ago), I went with Brinley on her field trip. We were originally supposed to go to Kennecott but it had to snow that day (in April!) and they closed the mine. So we sat on the bus for almost 45 minutes while the teachers decided on a backup plan. They came up with the Dinosaur Museum. So that's where we went! Brinley was excited to go there and they all had a good time. They even got an ice cream cone at the end. It turned out to be a good day despite the bad start.
Waiting on the bus!
My group of kids.
Everyone LOVES the sand and water table!
And digging for dinosaur bones.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Conference Goals

General Conference was wonderful as always. Its tradition that we go to my parent's house for the whole weekend. We even worked it this year to celebrate Shawn's b-day (not until tomorrow) on Friday by going to dinner, a movie (Source was really good!), and staying at a cheap hotel while my mom kept the kids overnight. It was such a nice little getaway!
I got such a great picture of him blowing out his Bday candles!
Then, we came back to happy girls wearing each other's clothes (Cambree actually fit into Sadie's pants!), good food and family. There were also several talks that I needed to hear given my situation. I definitely will be working on a few things. We told Brinley she needed to watch at least one session. She chose Sunday morning and then watched all of Sunday afternoon too. By her own accord, she wrote down some conference goals. They are too cute not to share:
At first she wrote to keep the commandments for 2 weeks. Umm...we're supposed to always keep the commandments. So she changed it. I told her she needed to pick a few and work on them for a few weeks, so those are the circled ones. She is such a good girl.