Friday, March 25, 2011


Yup! Sadie had surgery yesterday morning and got tubes in her ears. She's had 6 ear infections in 5 months and the amoxicillian wasn't working anymore, which is the biggest problem. She built up a tolerance to it. So we decided to do tubes and went to a doctor that all my neighbors recommended. She was great! Sadie couldn't have anything to eat from midnight until after the surgery scheduled for 7:45. I was REALLY worried because she still wakes up in the night and wants a bottle. So we gave her more than usual before putting her to bed and she still woke up at 1:30. I thought this was going to be a long night. There wasn't anything we could do for her so I just listened to her cry for only about 15 minutes and then she went back to sleep and didn't wake up again! I was shocked! So that was definitely a blessing.
She was so happy and talkative all morning before the surgery. Everyone told us when they come out of surgery and wake up they are ornery and crying. Sadie was perfect. She just sat there and drank her apple juice. She was the perfect patient! She even wanted to get down and walk. The nurse advised against it since she was still not all there. Since then, she cries when she hiccups or burps and is a little needier than usual but all-in-all she did very well!
Right when we got there. She was so smiley and happy.
Keeping her content in the pre-op room was a challenge. Luckily Shawn had his iTouch for her to play with! Technology starts so young!
And here she is after surgery. She looks a little out-of-it but at least she wasn't crying!
I'm so sick of going to Dr.'s appointments! I hope we're done with Sadie for a bit. But for me not so much. My back is still about the same so I went to a chiropractor yesterday. He said these pregnancy hormones can take affect as early as 10 weeks. Right on schedule. So its looking like it will hurt the whole pregnancy and hopefully the chiropractor can just help it be more comfortable and give me exercises to do at home. I was really hoping it would go away...hopefully he's wrong and it will!


Helen Macfarlane said...

Aw! Little Sadie. I"m glad she did so well. I feel your pain on the back thing. Hang in there!

Nat said...

I'm glad it went so well and I'm amazed she didn't cry after. I love tubes!

J and Company said...

She looks so cute in that after picture, even if she is a little out of it. I really hope your chiropractor can relieve your back pain because it really is lame to have your back hurt during pregnancy--I have definitely been there.

Darci said...

She looks so sweet in the last picture:)

Prenatal Yoga helped my back pain. I just bought the $10 dvd from Walmart. The stretches feel so good.

Andrea B. said...

We did the tubes thing with Elina. It is hard to have them go so long without "food". But we have loved the tubes!! And I like her shirt, we have the same one, must have been the same Dr. at the same location!

Angie said...

I sure hope that little Sadie will have more relief! Poor little girl!

For your sake, maybe if she cries it out a few nights in a row, she'll figure out that it's better to just sleep through the night and you'll get some shut-eye before your bladder won't let you. :)

I've also been working really hard at keeping my back strong during this pregnancy. I would be happy to share with you what I've been doing. Call me!

Jody Hancock said...

aww, she is the cutest! glad you got that overwith!