Friday, March 25, 2011


Yup! Sadie had surgery yesterday morning and got tubes in her ears. She's had 6 ear infections in 5 months and the amoxicillian wasn't working anymore, which is the biggest problem. She built up a tolerance to it. So we decided to do tubes and went to a doctor that all my neighbors recommended. She was great! Sadie couldn't have anything to eat from midnight until after the surgery scheduled for 7:45. I was REALLY worried because she still wakes up in the night and wants a bottle. So we gave her more than usual before putting her to bed and she still woke up at 1:30. I thought this was going to be a long night. There wasn't anything we could do for her so I just listened to her cry for only about 15 minutes and then she went back to sleep and didn't wake up again! I was shocked! So that was definitely a blessing.
She was so happy and talkative all morning before the surgery. Everyone told us when they come out of surgery and wake up they are ornery and crying. Sadie was perfect. She just sat there and drank her apple juice. She was the perfect patient! She even wanted to get down and walk. The nurse advised against it since she was still not all there. Since then, she cries when she hiccups or burps and is a little needier than usual but all-in-all she did very well!
Right when we got there. She was so smiley and happy.
Keeping her content in the pre-op room was a challenge. Luckily Shawn had his iTouch for her to play with! Technology starts so young!
And here she is after surgery. She looks a little out-of-it but at least she wasn't crying!
I'm so sick of going to Dr.'s appointments! I hope we're done with Sadie for a bit. But for me not so much. My back is still about the same so I went to a chiropractor yesterday. He said these pregnancy hormones can take affect as early as 10 weeks. Right on schedule. So its looking like it will hurt the whole pregnancy and hopefully the chiropractor can just help it be more comfortable and give me exercises to do at home. I was really hoping it would go away...hopefully he's wrong and it will!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

This and That

Wow! I REALLY appreciate all the comments and kind words. You have no idea how much it really means to me. This has been (and still is) something hard for me and I'm just so glad it does take 9 months! back has been KILLING me for a week. It feels like pregnancy back already with pain in the hips, pelvis, and lower back. I guess my body really remembers what it was like being pregnant cuz I was just there! But it has been getting a little better these last few days so I hope it improves.
Now, I need to stop the complaining and get on with my life!

Brinley got new glasses...probably about a month and a 1/2 ago. It was time since her others were 2 years old and kept falling off. Her prescription needed to be upped a little (again). I swear she is almost blind! And this time I let her pick out her own glasses. I even tried to persuade her with a softer color but she wanted them to be BOLD! She's a cutie! And she took this picture herself, unbeknownst to me.

Sadie loves to be like Brinley and wear glasses around the house.     

She also loves to "help" me with the laundry which has actually become quite a hindrance with her climbing into the dryer. She's become quite the climber anyway. I can usually find her on top of various tables and chairs. She likes to go off the couch over the arm instead of the normal way. And she thinks she can go up and down the stairs standing up like a grown-up. She does fall down. Oh boy. I thought only boys were climbers.
Oh! One more bit of fun news for Sadie. I got a call last week informing me that she will be in the Utah Valley magazine for the cutest baby contest!! I entered her last year, but she wasn't picked. So I thought I'd try again. I don't really know if she won or what category she's in (I was too shocked/excited to ask) but she'll be in the May issue if you want to check her out!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I just can't keep a secret for long...

Yeah, if anyone knows me they know I just can't keep a secret. Lots of people already know this but I thought I'd put it out there for blog world and for journal's sake. I'm pregnant. Yup. No exclamation this time. I'm only 10 weeks along but it's been a LONG 5 weeks that I've known.
Here's the story. It all started with an IUD that failed. Yup. It somehow got out-of-place. Then, I was late...then I started getting tired, hungry, and my skin was more oily. I just thought I was going to start any day, but I had a slight suspicion. So I bought a pregnancy test. Right way, it read PREGNANT. I was so not ready to be pregnant. I haven't lost the baby weight from Sadie for one. Anyway, I called my Dr. and they said to get a blood test ASAP. I've heard horror stories about women getting pregnant with IUDs and didn't want it the affect the baby, so I got my neighbor to watch my girls and hurried to the clinic. Another test...positive. Then, I went in for an ultrasound to see where the IUD was. Luckily, it was far away from the embryo sac so this was like any other pregnancy. The doctor had already left for the day so I got an appointment to come in the next day to get it removed. (Yeah. SO many doctor's appointments! This was all happening when Sadie had RSV so I was at some kind of doctor's visit every week and sometimes a few time during the week. It's still the case because Sadie got another ear infection and will have to have tubes. Ugh. Anyway, that's another post.) It was funny cuz before he took it out he cautioned me that it would be ineffective right away. I said, "Did you miss the memo that I'm already pregnant?" So that was funny and he said his wife got pregnant with and IUD and he thought he was THE MAN!! Too funny.
So I'm 2 in 100 women that get pregnant with an IUD...seems kind of high. Well I still wasn't 100% convinced of actually being pregnant. It was too early to get a heartbeat so they scheduled me to have another ultrasound in a week. The appointment came and there was the heartbeat and the little bean moving around. It's final. I'm pregnant. Shawn, of course, was excited. He wants as many kids as possible. I'm still having a hard time with it. I feel so bad for even saying it since I know of so many women out there that would love to have just one of their own. I knew I did want another child but just not this quickly. I had just told my mom that I felt like I had my life in control and that things were going smoothly. I felt like I could handle more...I got it! Careful what you say!
It's been really hard just being pregnant. With all my other pregnancies, it took a few months and I was preparing and so excited when it did happen. This time there was no preparation and I was not ready. I tell Shawn all the time how hungry and tired and sick I am. I actually was sicker this time around but still nothing to complain about. I never thought we'd have a surprise baby. But probably the biggest thing on my mind is how close Sadie and this baby will be. My due date is October 8th. So they will be 2 years and 1 month apart. I know! At least they aren't 14 months apart like my sister and I! But still...I'm not one of those people that can handle this closeness in age. I'm more on the 3 year plan. :) Sadie still isn't even sleeping through the night. I'm not ready to move her into a crib probably even when the baby comes. She's my neediest child and needs me ALL the time! So, yeah, I'm scared but I also know it was DEFINITELY supposed to happen and this baby is coming to us when its supposed to.
So there you have it! I'm sure I'll still be slow at blogging since I feel very unmotivated right now. Shawn really has stepped up and done A LOT of extra stuff like dishes, kids, cleaning up toys, etc. Usually he doesn't even notice that stuff but he's taking notice and helping out a lot more. He's so great.
And because we need some happy news and a picture, my baby sister just got engaged on Wednesday. She's getting married in a month! So we did her engagement pictures on Thursday. This is the one she's going to use on her announcement (I hope I'm not blowing the surprise.). The others I'm still editing. It was a cute session at Trolley Square with suspenders and suitcases. So cute!! She's marrying a great guy and we're all so happy for her!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sadie's Piggy Tails!

Wow! I didn't know there would be so much interest in my blog book. That's great! Now I know who really reads my blog. :)
I just thought I'd post some pictures of Sadie looking so grown-up with her pig-tails. I realized that her hair is long enough to do that! Usually my girls were AT LEAST 2 before this was happening.
She's too fast! It's hard to get a picture of her!
I guess I'll also post these that I've had waiting to blog about. She loves to wear things, hats, necklaces, bracelets, socks around her neck...almost anything around her neck that will stay. :) She loves to accessorize!!
She has found where the fruit snacks are! Several times a day she's looking at me like this:
How do you say no? I usually don't.
Oh! And she's now 18 months! She's going to Nursery, yea!! Without a problem either...especially since Shawn drops her off. She loves it and we're told she the most enthusiastic about singing time. She yells and claps after every song. What a cutie-pie.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blog Book

I did it! I turned my blog into a book! From years 2007-2010 and all 306 pages! It's pretty thick and I love it!! Now I don't have to do a family that's a relief.
Going through it, I was reminded of all the fun we've had. Trips, funny things my girls say, where we've lived, friends we've had, birthdays, outings, babies, holidays, naughty kids, and just everyday life. It's been so fun reminiscing, I just wish I was a better writer. We are so blessed.
I did it through Blurb, in case you're interested. The only bad thing I TOTALLY missed was the color. I didn't know it would print light blue! Oh and learn.