Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentine's Day

The weekend before Valentine's Day, we went to my parent's house for a little party. This is the 2nd year she's done a V-day party and I think she'll keep it going. My mom always has project ideas for them since they LOVE doing projects at Grandma's (particularly Brinley). So they made a few Valentines and this little boat to collect Valentines:
Usually they also make sugar cookies or something, but my mom chopped a little bit of her finger off a week ago and it was still hurting her so she didn't want to do too much, which was just fine. We spent the night so we could play games until late and went home right before church on Sunday. It was nice to go home since we haven't been there since Thanksgiving...so sad to admit.
On Valentine's Day, the girls had fun at their parties at school and passing out their Valentines that they've had ready about a month ago.
Sadie's just looking cute with her shirt that USED to describe her so well since she USED to be a daddy's girl. Not since her RSV. Now all she wants is me. It's kinda nice. Kind of a bummer.

For dinner, I TRIED making pink, heart-shaped pancakes and tried making the bacon heart-shaped. Neither one worked out very well, but at least my girls are easy-to-please, especially cuz I bought heart-shaped donuts.

Brinley had the idea to put an envelope on our door to collect Valentines from each other. We've been making hearts that say nice things to each other all month (although I had to tell Shawn the night before to make about 5 each for the girls so they'd get something from him!). That night we each got out all our Valentines and had a fun time reading stuff from each other. I especially liked this one Brinley gave me. It says, "You are a mach better driver then Dad!"
So cute! I think we'll be doing this next year. :)


Heather Curtis said...

I think I'll be doing that family valentine idea next year!! I love it! Although my boys won't be able to write yet- I still might get some romantic words from Chris (he seems to always forget the card with the present, so this will be a good way to get him to say something :) Anyway, I think your pancakes are not bad at all and I love that your girls had their valentine's done way earlier. You have a fun family!

Darci said...

Their valentines boxes are adorable! Oh and I was looking at your photo shoot with JJ's little girl. ADORABLE!!! She is so stinkin' cute and her photos turned out beautiful! I really really wish we lived closer so that I could have you do Kensie's photos.

Mel said...

So funny! Alli totally made the Love Boat too! Did you see it in Family Fun? I pretty much get all my ideas there. Cute, cute. Glad you had fun.

Helen Macfarlane said...

The Valentine pancakes turned out great! And I'm laughing so hard at the "love note" from Brinley, or should I say from ?. Too funny!

Cute Sadie-Ashley's been meaning to tell you that once you guys left, Sadie was totally fine with her. Just FYI.

chrissy said...

i love the family valentine idea! how funny that she'd write a note about your driving skills. it's so cute!

Angie said...

It looks like you guys had a great Valentine's Day, or shall I say weekend? I also did heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast and then I did heart-shaped pizza for dinner. The kids really enjoyed that. We got all psyched about making Valentine's about a week before V-day, and even put them in a family box. But Rob was gone almost all day on V-day, so we haven't even opened up the box yet! Lame!

Sandi (mom) said...

Ok, so I'm laughing out loud with Brinley's valentine--and you even told me about it! It's still funny!