Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Back to normal that is! I'm so glad she's better. It was a LONG week last week, but it was good to take a step back. Now she's back to playing and letting me workout again. :)
In honor of her feeling better, here are some pictures I've been meaning to post about her for a long time.
She LOVES looking at these little books.
Cambree put this hat on her and she kept it on. Too cute!

Not so cute. Cambree dumped all sorts on toys onto Sadie while enjoying her ride in her "car".
She loves to ride her bike.
She's quite the streaker. After her bath, she loves to run around in her bath towel laughing as she goes.
She's SO into the computer ALREADY!!
She's still a super picky eater. She would chew the apple and then spit out the pieces.
My cute Sadie! I think Brinley took this picture. Pretty good!


esperanza said...

Glad she is healthy and smiling again for you! :)

Darci said...

ow wow. She is getting so big! It really seems like just yesterday she was a little baby. I'm glad she is better!

MyKel said...

SO glad she is doing better!

Heather Curtis said...

She is too cute! I miss you and Sadie on the morning runs. When the weather gets better we need to start that up again. I love talking to you. It is such a delight. And I had no idea about this whole sickness thing and I feel bad. I could have helped you a little more. I was excited to see your name on the girls weekend thing so I guess we'll at least have to catch up there!