Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentine's Day

The weekend before Valentine's Day, we went to my parent's house for a little party. This is the 2nd year she's done a V-day party and I think she'll keep it going. My mom always has project ideas for them since they LOVE doing projects at Grandma's (particularly Brinley). So they made a few Valentines and this little boat to collect Valentines:
Usually they also make sugar cookies or something, but my mom chopped a little bit of her finger off a week ago and it was still hurting her so she didn't want to do too much, which was just fine. We spent the night so we could play games until late and went home right before church on Sunday. It was nice to go home since we haven't been there since Thanksgiving...so sad to admit.
On Valentine's Day, the girls had fun at their parties at school and passing out their Valentines that they've had ready about a month ago.
Sadie's just looking cute with her shirt that USED to describe her so well since she USED to be a daddy's girl. Not since her RSV. Now all she wants is me. It's kinda nice. Kind of a bummer.

For dinner, I TRIED making pink, heart-shaped pancakes and tried making the bacon heart-shaped. Neither one worked out very well, but at least my girls are easy-to-please, especially cuz I bought heart-shaped donuts.

Brinley had the idea to put an envelope on our door to collect Valentines from each other. We've been making hearts that say nice things to each other all month (although I had to tell Shawn the night before to make about 5 each for the girls so they'd get something from him!). That night we each got out all our Valentines and had a fun time reading stuff from each other. I especially liked this one Brinley gave me. It says, "You are a mach better driver then Dad!"
So cute! I think we'll be doing this next year. :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tracy Aviary

So I guess I'm back to my regular posting? Things are ALMOST back to normal here.
Back in January, it was a nice Saturday and we needed to get out. After the craziness of Christmas, things just seem to slow down...too much. So we took the girls to the Tracy Aviary. We hadn't been there since Brinley was little and it's changed and definitely for the better! They had more birds and more exhibits. Unfortunately, we came when all the shows and feedings had already happened...so there was none of that.
Sadie REALLY wanted to touch that goose. I'm just glad it didn't nip her.

Ha! Here I am!
Shawn was there too. Brinley was obsessed with the map.
It was too muddy to let Sadie get out for the picture. I know. We're lame that way.
I loved this bird's red eyes.
Flamingos are my fav.
The peacocks were struttin' their stuff showing off for the ladies.
Brinley wanted a picture with her favorite, the Toucan.
I loved how all the ducks were lined up ready to jump in.
Good times. They're making an Owl Forest so that might be fun to check out in the summer. I still need to get out more. This weather's gettin' to me. But it's supposed to be 50 tomorrow!! I can't believe it!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Back to normal that is! I'm so glad she's better. It was a LONG week last week, but it was good to take a step back. Now she's back to playing and letting me workout again. :)
In honor of her feeling better, here are some pictures I've been meaning to post about her for a long time.
She LOVES looking at these little books.
Cambree put this hat on her and she kept it on. Too cute!

Not so cute. Cambree dumped all sorts on toys onto Sadie while enjoying her ride in her "car".
She loves to ride her bike.
She's quite the streaker. After her bath, she loves to run around in her bath towel laughing as she goes.
She's SO into the computer ALREADY!!
She's still a super picky eater. She would chew the apple and then spit out the pieces.
My cute Sadie! I think Brinley took this picture. Pretty good!