Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hancock Family Christmas Party

Oh! I totally forgot to blog about the Hancock party. We always have it after Christmas, usually on New Year's Day. I forgot my camera, but finally remembered to get them from my SIL, who could not get enough of Sadie. So, yeah, we had a great party. The kids went sledding while the adults cooked up a yummy meal of turkey AND ham. We also played games, had a few gift exchanges (including a fun white elephant), and had good food.
First time for Sadie going sledding!
Isn't she so cute in her snow gear? First time for that too...I'm awful for not taking her out in it yet!
Some of the cousins...even ones from Vegas! So fun to have them here last minute.
Here's all the cousins for the gift exchange. Sadie is hopefully clapping not having a spasm.
Aunt Jody became her best friend my giving her a sticky push pop.
Cambree borrowed Conrad's Christmas present for a little while. Go Iron Man!
Quick story (hopefully). Every year I always wonder what we'll get from my in-laws. They've given us some pretty interesting things...all very useful and practical like emergency preparedness stuff...that sort of thing. This year was no different. We got MORE Shamwows, powdered eggs (which I've heard are really good), citric acid to make lemon water, a 2 Tablespoon measuring spoon, and 2 small spatulas from Barbara. No doubt from Larry, were 4 $2 unclipped bills in a portfolio that he probably got on some infomercial or something that will MAYBE be worth something someday. I had a feeling we'd all be getting spatulas, after she was at our house babysitting the girls one time. I overheard her talking to a SIL about me only having one spatula (I have others in another place) and how some people just don't like to scrape out every last drop. So now I have one to scrape out that last drop...from my soda can (as Shawn's brother put it)! We got two teeny scrapers. The quote of the day, also from Ryan, is "Now our 2 scoop days are over!" (referring to the measuring spoon). Barbara made sure to tell us all about each item in our boxes. She even made a list. I love that woman! She is always prepared with some kind of nifty solution to things. Every time I use a spatula I think of her. It was just the perfect things to get from them because it's completely their personality and who they are. Love it!


esperanza said...

How fun to have all of those cousins!

Helen Macfarlane said...

A two Tbsp measuring spoon! Sweet!